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CDDCancer Drug Discovery

Research Group Head: Associate Professor Colin Clyne

The Cancer Drug Discovery research group is investigating regulating mechanisms associated with the proliferation of breast cancer cells, with particular emphasis on the role of hormones and their effects on gene expression. This research aims to assist the development of targeted breast cancer treatments with fewer side effects, as well as targeted therapies for tumours not responsive to current treatments.

Current Research Projects:

Nuclear receptor pharmacology
Oestrogen regulation in breast cancer
Understanding resistance to breast cancer therapies

Research Group:

A/Prof Colin Clyne (Research Group Head)
Dr Ashwini Chand

Selected Publications:

Lazarus KA, Brown KA, Young MJ, Zhao Z, Coulson RS, Chand AL, Clyne CD (2014) Conditional overexpression of liver receptor homolog-1 in female mouse mammary epithelium results in altered mammary morphogenesis via the induction of TGF-β. Endocrinology 155:1606-17

Knower KC, Chand AL, Eriksson N, Takagi K, Miki Y, Sasano H, Visvader JE, Lindeman GJ, Funder JW, Fuller PJ, Simpson ER, Tilley WD, Leedman PJ, Graham J, Muscat GE, Clarke CL, Clyne CD (2013) Distinct nuclear receptor expression in stroma adjacent to breast tumors. Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 142:211-23

To SQ, Simpson ER, Knower KC, Clyne CD (2013) Involvement of early growth response factors in TNFα-induced aromatase expression in breast adipose. Breast Cancer Research & Treatment 138:193-203

Chand AL, Wijayakumara DD, Knower KC, Herridge KA, Howard TL, Lazarus KA, Clyne CD (2012). The orphan nuclear receptor LRH-1 and ERα activate GREB1 expression to induce breast cancer cell proliferation. PLoS One 7:e31593

Chand AL, Herridge KA, Thompson EW, Clyne CD (2010) The orphan nuclear receptor LRH-1 promotes breast cancer motility and invasion. Endocrine Related Cancer 17:965-75