Our team

Rob Merriel

Business Development Director

Rob has a portfolio responsibility for Intellectual Property management and commercialisation at Hudson Institute. He has extensive experience in commercialisation, most recently as the Director of Business Development for Melbourne Health, where he was responsible for:

• Managing and licensing the Intellectual Property portfolio
• Engaging with venture capital funds
• Preparation of business cases and financial modelling for commercial initiatives
• Identification of industry engagement opportunities.

Rob also has extensive knowledge of clinical trials and human research ethics processes from his time working in the Research Directorate of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Anna Figueiredo

Business Development Coordinator

Anna  joined Hudson Institute’s Business Development Office in February 2017 to support the commercialisation of promising inventions from Hudson Institute’s research staff. She contributes to invention disclosure assessments, proposal and contract preparation, marketing, technology development, financial analyses and IP management at Hudson Institute.

Prior to joining Hudson Institute, Anna worked with global startup Accelerator, MassChallenge, as Program Manager to implement the Bridge to MassChallenge program, first ever in Victoria, which included a three day startup business boot camp for 15 high impact startups, with the participation of local and international business mentors. In this role, Anna engaged with startup communities, investors, experienced business mentors and with government and academia  stakeholders of the program.

Anna joined a Melbourne-based biotechnology, Genera Biosystems in 2013, where she was  principally engaged in developing new commercial molecular diagnostic products as a Product Scientist and also worked directly with Genera’s main commercial partner, Australian Clinical Labs.

Anna obtained her PhD in Virology as a Burnet Institute Scholar from Monash University, working on novel mechanisms of action of a class of HIV drugs. Her post-doctoral studies at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) led to a fluorescence imaging-based approach to exploring key human proteins required for HIV transport in an infected cell.

Returning to Australia, Anna joined Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher) working in sales and marketing. She continues her interests in bridging commerce with research and technology through business development programs at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Molecules-to-Medicine, and her work in bringing monthly events to the health technology community through non-profit Peak15 HealthTech Meetup.