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Research Group Head: Professor Eva Dimitriadis

Embryo implantation is an extremely complex process vital to a successful pregnancy. Implantation failure results in infertility and is a key factor in the low success rates experienced by women both in natural and assisted conception. Inadequate implantation can result in miscarriage, preeclampsia, and premature birth. Our research aims to improve understanding of how the endometrium interacts with the embryo to facilitate implantation, and the underlying factors that contribute to healthy placental development. We are also exploring new non-hormonal contraceptive options for women. With Endometrial cancer now the most common gynaecological cancer diagnosed, our group is also working on the development of novel treatments to block endometrial cancer spread.

Research Project themes:


Research Group:

Professor Eva Dimitriadis (Research Laboratory Head)

Postdoctoral fellows:
Dr Ellen Menkhorst
Dr Michelle Van Sinderen

Research Assistants:
Ms Kate Rainczuk

Research Nurse:
SRN Judi Hocking

PhD Students:
Carly Cuman
Kelli Sorby

Honours Student:
Meaghan Griffiths

Selected Publications:

White CA, Zhang J-G, Salamonsen LA, Baca M, Fairlie WD, Metcalf D, Nicola NA, Robb L, Dimitriadis E (2007) Blocking leukemia inhibitory factor action in the uterus using a novel PEGylated antagonist prevents implantation: a new non-hormonal contraceptive strategy. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104:19357-62. (Work included in an Editorial in Science, 318: 1835 (2007) and PNAS cover feature).

Menkhorst E, Koga K, Van Sinderen M, Dimitriadis E Galectin-7 serum levels are altered prior to the onset of pre-eclampsia. (2014) Placenta 35:195-201.

Menkhorst EM, Gamage T, Cuman C, Kaitu’u-Lino TJ, Tong S, Dimitriadis E. (2014) Galectin-7 acts as an adhesion molecule during implantation and increased expression is associated with miscarriage. Placenta. 35:195-201

Cuman C, Menkhorst EM, Rombauts LJ, Holden S, Webster D, Bilandzic M, Osianlis T, Dimitriadis E. (2013) Pre-implantation blastocysts release factors that differentially alter endometrial epithelial cell adhesion and gene expression relative to IVF success. Human Reprod 28:1161-1171.

Lalitkumar S, Boggavarapu NR, Menezes J, Dimitriadis E, Zhang JG, Nicola NA, Gemzell-Danielsson K, Lalitkumar LP. (2013) Polyethylene glycated leukemia inhibitory factor antagonist inhibits human blastocyst implantation and triggers apoptosis by down-regulating embryonic AKT. Fertil Steril 100:1160-9.

Van Sinderen M, Menkhorst E, Winship A, Cuman C, Dimitriadis E. (2013) Preimplantation human blastocyst-endometrial interactions: the role of inflammatory mediators. Am J Reprod Immunol. 69:427-40

Lay V, Yap J, Sonderegger S, Dimitriadis E (2012) Interleukin (IL) 11 regulates adhesion and migration of endometrial cancer cells via STAT3. Intern J Oncology 41:759-764.