Immunoassay Facility

ImmunoassayThe Immunoassay Facility is run as part of the Centre for Reproductive Health on a largely cost-recovery model and is available to all members of Hudson Institute, researchers at Monash University and external clients and collaborators.

Hudson Institute of Medical Research has over twenty years experience in measuring hormones and other analytes in biological fluids, from both clinical materials and from various species and animal models. The laboratory can run a range of different immunoassays.

Facilities available

Overseen by Associate Professor Mark Hedger, the facility includes a separate radiation-certified laboratory for carrying out iodinations and storing iodinated materials and a dedicated PC2-certified immunoassay laboratory with immunoassay equipment, autopipettes, an ELISA plate washer and a dedicated ELISA plate reader with appropriate software. Both β- and γ-counters are available for radioimmunoassay applications.

Cost structure

The equine inhibin test is offered at a standard fee of $185 per test.

Prices on application for the other assays are based on the number and type of samples. Charges are structured as cost-recovery only for collaborative research, which includes all reagent costs, general laboratory consumables, labour (hourly rate), and shipment of samples to Hudson Institute and their return (if required). Assays provided as a service to academic and commercial clients (non-collaborative) incur additional overhead and service charges to support laboratory infrastructure. The total cost, either as a firm quote or estimated invoice, is provided to the collaborator/client before proceeding with any tests.

More information

Contact: Associate Professor Mark Hedger
Tel:  +61 3 9902 4758
Fax: +61 3 9594 7416