ImmunoassayVarious immunoassays currently available are listed below by category. While we have experience in all these assays, some of these are available only through collaborative arrangement (cost-recovery, for scientific collaborations only) and are not provided as commercial services.

Enquiries about other assays and species not listed are welcome. All assay services are intended for research purposes only, and we do not undertake assays for human clinical evaluation.

Gonadotrophins/pituitary hormones

AssayTypeEnd UserSpecies
FSHRIAAllMouse, rat, cow, sheep
LHRIAAllMouse, rat, cow


AssayTypeEnd UserSpecies
Inhibin (total)RIAAllHuman, mouse, rat, cow, sheep, horse*
Inhibin AELISACollaboration onlyHuman, rat
Inhibin BELISACollaboration onlyHuman, rat
Activin AELISACollaboration onlyHuman, mouse, rat, cow, sheep, horse
Activin BELISACollaboration onlyHuman, mouse, rat
FollistatinRIAAllHuman, mouse, rat, cow, sheep, horse

* offered to equine pathology labs at $185/test as a diagnostic for ovarian tumours


AssayTypeEnd UserSpecies
TestosteroneRIAAllMouse, rat


AssayTypeEnd UserSpecies
TNFαELISAAllMouse, rat, sheep
IL-6ELISAAllMouse, rat, sheep
IL-1βELISAAllMouse, rat, sheep