Histology involves the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues. Tissues are carefully processed, sectioned and stained revealing delicate morphological features that can indicate health or disease for research, education or clinical studies.

The Histology Platform has two service models:

  • a full “Professional” end-to-end service provided by specialist staff
  • a “Do it Yourself” service providing access to laboratory facilities, specialist equipment and consumables.


In addition, the experienced Histology team can provide advice, training and research assistance in:

Processing – to resin or paraffin
Cutting – fresh, resin or paraffin sections
Staining and coverslipping -automated or manual
Immunohistochemistry – automated utilising the Dako Autostainer
Micro Tissue array slide supply – creation of micro tissue arrays to suit your needs. We can create the multi block for you and provide sections for use as control tissue
Slide scanning
Digital photography, basic fluorescence and polarization