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Potential new treatment for incurable premature lung disease

27 April, 2017

Hudson Institute researchers have discovered a potential safe and effective treatment could save preterm babies from the severe lifelong effects of an incurable premature lung disease. Read more.>



Professor Eva Dimitriadis receives academic promotion

8 March, 2017

Hudson Institute female reproductive health research expert Evdokia (Eva) Dimitriadis has received an academic promotion to Professor from Monash University. Read more.>


Protein found in female reproductive tract could halt spread of HIV in body

1 March, 2017

Scientists have discovered that a naturally occurring signalling protein found in the female reproductive tract, interferon epsilon, can block viral replication of HIV in human cells, and could form a first-line response to the virus. Read more.>


Professor Evan Simpson made a Member of the Order of Australia

27 Jan, 2016

The Director Emeritus of Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Professor Simpson has been acknowledged with the Honour for significant service to medical science, particularly in the field of breast cancer, as an academic and researcher. Read more.>



Help provide a healthier future for unborn babies

23 Jan, 2016

Help provide a healthier future for unborn babies. Support the work of our scientists, who are working to support the growth of healthy babies and to help prevent stillbirth. Read more.>


Professor Kate Loveland appointed Head of the Centre for Reproductive Health

19 Dec, 2016

Accomplished male reproductive health researcher, Professor Kate Loveland has been appointed Head of the Centre for Reproductive Health at Hudson Institute of Medical Research starting in January 2017. Read more.>


Fielding Fellowship awarded to two emerging immunology research leaders

19 Dec, 2016

The Fielding Foundation Fellowship 2017 has been jointly awarded to two outstanding immunology researchers at Hudson Institute, Dr Niamh Mangan, from the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases, and Associate Professor Marcel Nold, from The Ritchie Centre. Read more.>


Dr Tracey Edgell awarded the 2017 Fielding Innovation Award

19 Dec, 2016

The 2017 Fielding Innovation Award has been awarded to Dr Tracey Edgell, from the Centre for Reproductive Health, to further her research into stimulating factor CSF3 and its role in improving female fertility. Read more.>



NHMRC Fellowships awarded to Hudson Institute researchers066_michelle-tate_20160525-1

3 Dec, 2016

The fellowships will support researchers in areas as diverse as understanding influenza virus, using an amino acid to prevent damage to the fetal brain, and examining DNA repair to improve egg health and fertility in older women. Read more.>


$10M NHMRC in funding for fetal hypoxia, breast cancer, asthma

3 Dec, 2016baby

Hudson Institute researchers have been awarded more than $10 million in National Health and Medical Research Council funding in the latest competitive grants rounds. Read more.>



WWI antiseptic could be key to fighting 21st century 083_ciid-gantier-group_20160525viral infections

28 Nov, 2016

Hudson Institute of Medical Research scientists have shown that a century-old topical antiseptic offers protection against the common cold – and may hold promise in the global fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Read more.>


Researchers identify key driver of devastating muscle wasting disease brendan_lab-groups_20161005

24 Nov, 2016

Researchers in Hudson Institute’s Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases have discovered a link that could herald both early detection and better treatment for cancer cachexia. Read more.>



Creating next generation medicines: new industry collaboration announcedbdi-launch-twitter

14 Nov, 2016

Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University have announced a new research collaboration with the Swiss-based healthcare company Roche to develop next generation treatments for autoimmune diseases. Read more.>



Dr Maria Kaparakis-Liaskos awarded prestigious Tall Poppy Award007_maria-liaskos_20160815

7 Nov, 2016

Dr Maria Kaparakis-Liaskos is one of 10 leading young researchers who will be recognised with a prestigious Young Tall Poppy Science Award for her work on infection and innate immunity. Read more >


Professor John Funder receives 2016 Ipsen Award for Endocrinologyjohn-funder-thumb

18 Oct, 2016

Professor John Funder has become the first Australian researcher and first in cardiovascular endocrinology to receive the Ipsen Award of the Fondation Ipsen (Paris). Read more >



beverley-vollenhoven-thumbRenowned IVF specialist promoted to Professor

17 Oct, 2016

Congratulations to IVF and reproductive endocrinology specialist Professor Beverley Vollenhoven who has received an academic promotion. Read more >


rebecca-lim-thumbDr Rebecca Lim invited to present work at BIO SPARK, Stanford

11 Oct, 2016

Dr Rebecca Lim has been invited to present her work on amniotic exosomes at the prestigious Stanford University BIO SPARK Showcase in San Francisco on October 17. Read more >


sefi-thumbHudson welcomes Dr Sefi Rosenbluh as Director of Functional Genomics

5 Oct, 2016

Hudson Institute of Medical Research is pleased to welcome Dr Joseph (Sefi) Rosenbluh as Director of the new Centre of Functional Genomics within the Centre for Cancer Research. Read more >


Molecular analysis of paediatric brain cancer could become ‘gold standard’

29 Sep, 2016

Researchers at Hudson Institute of Medical Research are working to establish and pilot an Australian-first service for analysing the most common type of paediatric solid brain cancer tumour, medulloblastoma. Read more >



International agreement to take cancer biology research to the fore
Mr Rob Merriel, Chief Financial Officer

26 Sep, 2016

Hudson Institute has entered into an international collaborative research agreement with Ariel University (Israel) and ASCI Pharma Pty Ltd on a cancer biology project designed to translate its discoveries into patient treatments. Read more >



Breakthrough heralds hope for advanced bladder cancer patientsbryan-williams2-thumb

7 Sep, 2016

Researchers at Hudson Institute of Medical Research have discovered a crucial genetic marker that may represent the first major progress in treatment for advanced bladder cancer patients in thirty years. Read more >


Creatine – a vital break-through for baby healthhayley-thumb

30 Aug, 2016

A baby’s growth during pregnancy may be dependent on a mother’s levels of a critical amino acid derivative, creatine, according to research from a team of Melbourne researchers. Read more >



terry-thumbEctopic pregnancy project announced in NHMRC’s ’10 of the best’ for 2015

25 Aug, 2016

A collaborative research project that has led to Phase III clinical trials for a more effective non-surgical treatment for ectopic pregnancy has been named one of the NHMRC’s ‘10 of the Best’ research projects of 2015.  Read more.>


ddk-thumbResearchers identify protein to prevent damage to donated vital organs

25 Aug, 2016

Melbourne researchers have identified a protein that could prevent damage to donated organs before and after transplantation, and potentially stop the body rejecting them. Read more.>


ici-tour2-thumbInternational ICI delegates tour Monash Health Translation Precinct

24 Aug, 2016

Scientists from across the world who are attending the International Congress of Immunology in Melbourne have learnt about ground-breaking immunology research taking place at Hudson Institute of Medical Research. Read more.>


douglas-thumbPhD student Dr Douglas Blank wins Faculty 3MT Competition

22 Aug, 2016

Ritchie Centre (Hudson Institute and Monash University) PhD candidate, Dr Douglas Blank, has won the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Three Minute Thesis Competition for his presentation on physiologic-based cord clamping. Read more >


ici-thumb-hDelegates to tour MHTP during International Congress of Immunology

17 Aug, 2016

International delegates will visit Hudson Institute of Medical Research as part of a tour of the Monash Health Translation Precinct during the 16th International Congress of Immunology in Melbourne on Tuesday, August 23. Read more.>


Shining a light on innovations in stem cell research and their clinical usecolloquium-thumb

4 Aug, 2016

Innovations in stem cell and regenerative medicine research and women’s and children’s health are the focus of the 2016 Ritchie Centre Colloquium and Public Forum, August 25 – 26. Read more.>


Double blow for lung cancer and emphysema offers hope to patientsBrendan-thumb

26 July, 2016

Lung cancer and emphysema could be diagnosed earlier and targeted with an existing drug, vastly improving patient outcomes, researchers at Hudson Institute have discovered. Read more.>



Jun-Yang-and-Elise-Forbes-endocrine-hypertension-clinic-thumbIs that high blood pressure actually Conn’s Syndrome?

19 July, 2016

Melbourne’s first dedicated Endocrine Hypertension Clinic is opening its doors at Monash Health on July 21 to improve treatment of a common yet underdiagnosed cause of high blood pressure. Read more.>


fran-milat-award-thumbClinician-researcher recognised with Monash Health leadership award

18 July, 2016

Dr Frances Milat has been acknowledged for her work as Head of Monash Health’s Metabolic Bone Service at Monash Health with the 2016 One Monash Health Award for Leadership in Excellence in Access and Responsiveness. Read more.>

OCRF-funded projects to improve early detection, therapies for ovarian cancersimon&andrew-thumb

17 June, 2016

Hudson researchers Dr Simon Chu and Dr Andrew Stephens have been awarded $700,000 in grants by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF),  to improve early-stage tumour detection and to develop better therapies for women with ovarian cancer. Read more.>



ciiid-group-thumbHudson Institute discovery could help ‘buy time’ during global avian influenza pandemic

16 June, 2016

A team of researchers at Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne have found that timely blocking of the body’s own immune response to infection during a severe or pathogenic influenza infection could be vital in treating patients infected during a global pandemic. Read more.>

rob-mac-thumbProfessor Robert McLachlan recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours

13 June, 2016

Congratulations to Centre for Endocrinology and Metabolism Deputy Head, Professor Robert McLachlan, who was made a Member of the Order of Australia in yesterday’s Queen’s Birthday Honours. Read more.>


Help children to reach their full potentialhospital-thumb

2 June, 2016

You can help give children the best start in life by supporting our life-changing research into paediatric sleep with a tax deductible donation to the Hudson Institute. Read more.>


trc-thumbRitchie Centre researchers, students shine at fetal and neonatal conferences

30 May, 2016

Researchers and postgraduate students from The Ritchie Centre (Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University) have shone at two of Australia’s biggest fetal and neonatal conferences in Queensland. Read more.>


Muscle mass crucial to preventing bone fractures in young people with cerebral palsyAnne-Trinh-thumb

20 May, 2016

Maintaining muscle mass is crucial for good bone health in young adults with cerebral palsy (CP), a new collaborative study by endocrinology researchers at Hudson Institute of Medical Research has found. Read more.>


‘Bugs as drugs’: Harnessing novel gut bacteria for human sam-forster-thumbhealth

5 May, 2016

Researchers including Hudson Institute’s Dr Samuel Forster are optimistic that a recent breakthrough allowing growth of the majority of human gut bacteria in the lab will lead to the development of new therapies to replace the use of faecal transplants in treating certain gut infections. Read more.>


Science students become immunologists for a day at Hudson Institute of Medical Researchday-of-immunology-thumb

29 April, 2016

A group of students from the John Monash Science School experienced the future of science during a Discovery Tour at Hudson Institute of Medical Research to celebrate International Day of Immunology. Read more.>


Ritchie Centre Sleep Forum: Sleep apps, wristband sleep trackers – good or bad?sleeping-baby-thumb

27 April, 2016

Many children and teenagers use an iPhone sleep app or a wristband sleep tracker, but how effective are these devices at monitoring sleep and picking up abnormalities? A free public lecture hosted by The Ritchie Centre will examine the role of these devices in children’s sleep. Read more.>


Hudson Director joins innovative ‘big data’ fight against cancerdirector-thumb

21 April, 2016

Hudson Institute Director and distinguished cancer researcher Professor Bryan Williams has been invited to speak at a Hope Funds for Cancer Research meeting in New York next week. Read more.>


New findings may help women struggling with fertilityJus-thumb

22 March, 2016

New research by the head of Hudson’s Centre for Genetic Diseases, Professor Justin St John shows that boosting egg health and development could improve the chances of women getting pregnant through IVF. Read more.>



Ron-thumb$2 million prostate, bowel cancer clinical trial brings personalised medicine a step closer

18 March, 2016

Targeted genetic treatment for cancer is a step closer, with a world-first clinical trial led by Hudson Institute and Monash University researchers and clinicians set to test the effectiveness of a new class of drugs called BET inhibitors in treating prostate and colorectal cancer. Read more.>

$84 million translational research facility officially openedTRF-launch-thumb

11 March, 2016

The Australian Minister for Health, the Hon Sussan Ley MP, has officially opened the new $84 million Translational Research Facility at Monash Health Translational Precinct, a facility that will foster innovative collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and patients. Read more.>

$6 million to reduce harm stemming from premature birth and birth asphyxiababy2-thumb

2 March, 2016

Minimising harm to babies exposed to adverse early life events such as premature birth and birth asphyxia will be the focus of a $6.12M NHMRC-funded research program at Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University. Read more.>


baby-toes-thumbOld before your time: Study suggests that ageing begins in the womb

2 March, 2016

The process of ageing begins even before we are born, according to an international team of researchers, including lead author Dr Beth Allison from The Ritchie Centre at Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University in Melbourne. Read more.>


Hudsojames-aridas-thumbn PhD student Dr James Aridas receives research scholarship

26 February, 2016

Hudson Institute/ Monash University School of Clinical Sciences PhD student, Dr James Aridas, has been awarded an Avant Mutual Group Doctors in Training research scholarship. Read more.>


Federal MP and Mayor tour stem cell, translational research facilitiesAnna-Burke-Stefanie-Perri-thumb

16 Feb, 2016

Federal Member for Chisholm and former speaker, Anna Burke, and City of Monash Mayor, Cr Stefanie Perri, have toured the Monash Health Translation Precinct’s new $84 million Translational Research Facility. Read more.>



Collaborative study gives hope to women suffering in silenceShayanti Mukherjee-thumb

10 Feb, 2016

New treatment for millions of women affected by a hidden condition, pelvic organ prolapse, will be the focus of Dr Shayanti Mukherjee’s novel bioengineering project, thanks to a prestigious Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) John Stocker Postdoctoral Fellowship. Read more.>


Jun-Yang-thumb2Hudson Institute researchers scoop Endocrine Society of Australia awards

28 Jan, 2016

Four out of five Endocrine Society of Australia (ESA) research awards and scholarships for 2016 have been awarded to Hudson Institute of Medical Research students and researchers. Read more.>


Ron-thumbHudson researcher’s findings may improve cancer drug clinical trial success rates

20 Jan, 2016

A researcher from Hudson Institute of Medical Research has discovered a class of biomarkers which may be used to predict which cancer patients will respond to a new class of cancer drugs called BET inhibitors. Read more.>


pd-thumb$58,000 to unravel the sex-specific genetic causes of Parkinson’s Disease

18 Jan, 2016

Researchers from Hudson Institute and Monash University’s School of Clinical Sciences have received a $58,000 Bethlehem Griffiths Research Foundation grant to help understand the sex-specific genetic causes for why men are more likely to develop Parkinson’s Disease than women. Read more.>


CASS Foundation supports three Hudson Institute research projectscass 2

17 Dec, 2015

Four Hudson researchers have been awarded grants worth more than $160,000 by the CASS Foundation to further three research projects into pancreatic cancer, muscle wasting diseases and developing female contraceptives. Read more>

Fellowship recipient aims to crack link between breast cancer and obesitykristy-thumb

15 Dec, 2015

Hudson’s Dr Kristy Brown has received a National Breast Cancer Foundation Career Development Fellowship, worth $680,000 over four years, to help better understand the linkage between obesity and an increased risk of breast cancer in some older women. Read more>


hudson-logo-thumbGrants and fellowships enable and extend life-saving research at the Hudson

11 Dec, 2015

Six Hudson Institute researchers working in the areas of fetal and neonatal health, cancer and reproductive health have received grants and fellowships to build on and enhance their life-saving work. Read more>


Maria-Kaparakis-Liaskos-thumbHudson researcher receives inaugural veski ‘inspiring women’ fellowship

3 Dec, 2015

Dr Maria Kaparakis-Liaskos has been presented with an inaugural inspiring women fellowship by The Honourable Linda Dessau AM, Governor of Victoria, at an award ceremony held at Government house. Read more>


ritchie-centre-thumbRitchie Centre researchers awarded Heart Foundation fellowships

2 Dec, 2015

Hudson’s Dr Graeme Polglase and Dr Courtney McDonald have been awarded Heart Foundation fellowships to provide continuity to their research into life-threatening neonatal conditions. Read more >


alan-morag-thumbResearchers pledge to build MRFF campaign momentum

1 Dec, 2015

Hudson Institute researchers are determined to continue to build momentum around a campaign that espouses the benefits of the Federal Government’s promised $20bn Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF). Read more >



Hudson scientists lead charge for Melbourne’s stem cell meeting

19 Nov, 2015

The Hudson Institute’s Associate Professor Caroline Gargett and Professor Alan Trounson have played a leading role in securing a prestigious scientific stem cells meeting for Melbourne in 2018. Read more >


Hudson researcher utilises Heart Foundation fellowship awardClaudia-thumb

4 Nov, 2015

The Hudson Institute’s Dr Claudia Nold will use a competitive Heart Foundation Fellowship and Innovation Award to help develop new treatments for cardiopulmonary diseases in preterm babies. Read more >


Ron-thumbA Q&A with Associate Professor Ron Firestein

23 Oct, 2015

Associate Professor Ron Firestein talks about why he decided to leave his native US to take up the position as Head of the Centre for Cancer Research at the Hudson Institute. Read more >


Breast cancer researcher offers community insight at NBCF eventKristy-thumb

22 Oct, 2015

The Hudson Institute’s Dr Kristy Brown has offered the community an insight into her research into the links between obesity and breast cancer during a Pink Ribbon breakfast in the Yarra Ranges earlier this month. Read more >


Congratulations Associate Professors Flora Wong and Suzie MillerFlora-thumb

16 Oct, 2015

Two leading staff at the Hudson Institute’s Ritchie Centre working to improve the health of newborn babies have been recognised with academic promotions at Monash University: Dr Flora Wong and Dr Suzie Miller are now Associate Professors. Read more >


Alan-&-Henry-thumbProfessors Burger and Trounson elected Academy fellows

16 Oct, 2015

Hudson Institute Professors Henry Burger and Alan Trounson are newly-elected fellows of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. Read more >


Warwick-Anderson-thumbFormer NHMRC boss joins Hudson board

7 Oct, 2015

The Hudson Institute is pleased announce the appointment of distinguished scientist and former CEO of the NHMRC, Professor Warwick Anderson AM, to its board of governance. Read more >


Vince&Stefan-thumbHudson researchers identify new syndrome leading to intersex

5 Oct, 2015

Hudson Institute researchers have led an international study identifying a new, rare disorder which forms another piece of the puzzle in understanding why some people are born intersex. Read more >


Zoe-Marks-thumbHudson PhD student blitzes three-minute thesis finals

22 Sept, 2015

Hudson Institute PhD. student, Zoe Marks, has taken out second place in Monash University’s three-minute thesis competition final, after winning finals at both Institute and faculty level. Read more >


evan-simpson-festschrift-thumbMeeting at Uluru honours distinguished Hudson endocrinologist

10 Sept, 2015

Endocrinologists from across the globe have converged on Australia’s red centre for an international scientific meeting to honour the career of the Hudson Institute’s Professor Evan Simpson. Read more >


Single-Cell-Genomics-award-thumbFrontiers of single cell genomics medicine at Monash Health Translation Precinct

8 Sept, 2015

On Friday, September 4, Monash Health Translation Precinct’s (MHTP) Single Cell Genomics Centre was awarded Australia’s first Single Cell Centre of Excellence by internationally-renowned biotechnology company Fluidigm, making it the first centre of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Read more >


baby-feet-thumbCure for fatal disease pioneered by Hudson Institute researcher

4 Sept, 2015

Monash Health’s pioneering treatment for babies with a disease that was once universally fatal has been validated by research published today in prestigious journal, The Lancet. Read more >



VCAL students raise funds for cord blood research

3 Sept, 2015

Year 12 students from Wangaratta in north-east Victoria have put their money where their mouth is, raising funds and awareness to support cord blood research at the Hudson Institute. Read more >


Dilys-Leung-thumbDilys Leung wins ESA-Novartis Junior Scientist Award

3 Sept, 2015

The Hudson Institute’s Dilys Leung has won the Novartis Junior Scientist Award at the Endocrine Society of Australia’s recent annual scientific meeting in Adelaide. Read more >


Zoe-Marks-thumbHudson PhD student blitzes three-minute thesis finals

24 Aug, 2015

Hudson Institute PhD. student, Zoe Marks, will present her three-minute thesis at Monash University’s competition final, after winning finals at both Institute and faculty level. Read more >


Marcel-Nold-thumbMarcel Nold receives inaugural Fielding Innovation Award

21 Aug, 2015

Associate Professor Marcel Nold has been named the inaugural winner of the $50,000 Fielding Innovation Award for his work on cytokines, their signalling and role in suppressing inflammation. Read more >


Euan-Wallace-thumbCareer award to honour obstetrics pioneer

14 Aug, 2015

Professor Euan Wallace has been awarded a Career Recognition Award by the Victorian Clinician Researcher Network for his outstanding record in clinical research and research training in perinatal medicine. Read more >


Open-Day-thumbInstitute Student Open Day attracts hundreds

6 Aug, 2015

Around 200 aspiring honours, PhD and medicine students have shown a keen interest in the Hudson Institute’s research during its 2015 open day. Read more >


Rebecca-Lim-thumbWorld-first treatment given an injection

6 Aug, 2015

The Hudson Institute’s Dr Rebecca Lim has been awarded the inaugural Fielding Fellowship to conduct her research into stem cell-like therapy to treat lung damage in premature babies. Read more >


Ron-Firestein-and-Bryan-Williams-thumbHudson Institute welcomes US cancer researcher as centre head

6 Aug, 2015

The Hudson Institute has welcomed its newest head of the Centre for Cancer Research, Dr Ron Firestein, who has relocated from San Francisco with his young family to take up the role. Read more >


Peter-Fuller-thumbPeter Fuller appointed chair of the Victorian Cancer Agency Consultative Council

29 July, 2015

The Hudson Institute’s Professor Peter Fuller has been appointed chair of the Victorian Cancer Agency Consultative Council. Read more >


Claudia-Nold-thumbPremature baby research recognised for innovation

20 July, 2015

The Hudson Institute’s Dr Claudia Nold has been awarded a prestigious Paul Korner Innovation Award from the Heart Foundation. Read more >


Jason-Cain-thumbFunding for childhood cancer research

10 July, 2015

The Isabella and Marcus Paediatric Brainstem Tumour Fund have provided a grant of $84,000 to the Hudson Institute to support the work of Dr. Jason Cain. Read more >


DeKretser-Hudson-&-Burger-thumbNew Institute name honours the late Bryan Hudson

14 May, 2015

Today, the MIMR-PHI Institute of Medical Research has been renamed ‘Hudson Institute of Medical Research’ to honour the late Professor Bryan Hudson. Read more >


MHTP_showcases_TRF_thumbMHTP showcases its Translational Research Facility for the Minister for Industry and Science

7 May, 2015

Today, the Federal Minister for Industry and Science, Ian Macfarlane visited the Monash Health Translation Precinct’s (MHTP) Federally-funded, $84 million Translational Research Facility, due for completion in October 2015, to experience the advances in Australia’s science and research infrastructure and translation.
Read more >


macrophage_thumbScientists discover new pathways controlling deadly inflammation

11 April, 2015

Inflammation is an important response to infection or injury, but needs to be carefully controlled…
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sleeping-infant-thumbDr Karinna Fyfe wins 2014 David Healy Prize

18 March, 2015

Congratulations Dr Karinna Fyfe, 2014 David Healy Prize for Medical Student PhD Research recipient.
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Paul_Hertzog_thumbDo certain contraceptives increase HIV susceptibility?

13 March, 2015

The MIMR-PHI Institute of Medical Research has received $1M AUD from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to investigate the relationship between some oral contraceptives and an increased susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.
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Richa_thumbRobert Connor Dawes PhD

12 March, 2015

Congratulations to Richa Kohli, the first Robert Connor Dawes PhD scholarship recipient, awarded by the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation. The family Robert Dawes created the Foundation in his memory after he tragically lost his battle with brain cancer in April 2013.
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3D_img_thumbScientists override the body’s inflammatory response

3 March, 2015

Scientists who have discovered the mechanism of a protein that suppresses inflammation in the body, say the information could potentially be used to develop new drugs to control inflammation.
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Alan_Trounson_thumbIVF pioneer, Alan Trounson, returns to the Institute

9 Feb, 2015

IVF pioneer Professor Alan Trounson has returned to MIMR-PHI as a world-renowned scientist, 24 years after he founded the Institute (then called Monash Institute of Reproduction & Development) with Professor David de Kretser.
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jus-st-john-thumbMIMR-PHI researcher voices concern over three-parent IVF

5 Feb, 2015

Centre for Genetic Diseases Head, Professor Justin St.John, has played a key role in the debate over the UK’s recent decision to become the first country in the world to allow the controversial ‘Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy’ technique which has taken on the name ‘three-parent IVF’.
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australia-day-honours-thumbMIMR-PHI researchers receive Australia Day Honours

4 Feb, 2015

MIMR-PHI Professors John Funder and Peter Fuller have been awarded honours in the 2015 Australia Day honours list.
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major-donation-thumbMajor donation to boost brain cancer research

23 Dec, 2014

Associate Professor Terry Johns has received $2.8M from the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in support of the Brain Cancer Discovery Collaborative (BCDC) .
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Can Too tour brings science to life

CanToo_thumb18 Dec, 2014

A group of 20 enthusiastic Can Too fundraisers including Founder/Chair Annie Crawford AM had a rare chance to get up close to their cause during a recent visit to MIMR-PHI.
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$1 million Fellowship and Award Program to boost rising research stars

Peter_Fielding_thumb18 Nov, 2014

Early to mid-career researchers are set to get a boost thanks to the announcement of the $1 million Fielding Fellowship Program and Award for Innovation by Melbourne Businessman and Fielding Foundation Executive Chair, Mr Peter Fielding.
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MIMR-PHI Board Director honoured for community contribution Graeme_Wise_thumb

18 November, 2014

As Founder of the Big Issue and the Wise Foundation, Mr Graeme Wise continues to make a difference to the lives of others including some of the most vulnerable members of the community.
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Professor John Funder’s lifetime of achievement recognised John_Funder_thumb

1 October, 2014

Distinguished MIMR-PHI Institute Scientist, Professor John Funder has received the ISH Tigerstedt Lifetime Achievement Award.
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PrintClinical trial in India for hormone to help asphyxia babies

30 September, 2014

MIMR-PHI researcher, Professor Graham Jenkin and Monash Children’s Hospital Neonatologist, Dr Atul Malhotra recently travelled to Lucknow, India to help rollout training ahead of their global collaboration to reduce the incidence of birth asphyxia in low resource settings.
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PrintInner Wheel ladies discover MIMR-PHI’s cutting edge cord blood research

26 September, 2014

MIMR-PHI Institute has hosted a group of Inner Wheel members keen to learn more about The Ritchie Centre’s cord blood research…
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Students discover life in the laboratory

26 September, 2014Print

MIMR-PHI Institute recently treated a group of budding student scientists to a glimpse of life in the lab during its September work experience program.
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MIMR-PHI student honoured for clinical research excellence

15 September, 2014Phiiip-Wong

MIMR-PHI’s Dr Phillip Wong has been recognised for his innovative clinical research on thalassaemia bone disease. The Endocrine Society of Australia awarded the clinical endocrinologist and PhD student the Bryan Hudson Clinical Endocrinology Award at their annual scientific meeting in Melbourne for his research on the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis in patients with thalassaemia.

Awarded annually, the prize recognises the career and contribution of the late Professor Bryan Hudson, who was the first Professor of medicine at Monash University and Prince Henry’s Institute’s original Director.A disorder of red blood cells, Thalassaemia in its most severe form requires regular blood transfusions for treatment of anaemia. These patients can be at risk of developing heart, liver, hormonal, and bone disease related to their underlying condition and treatment related complications.

Dr Wong’s PhD aims to improve understanding of the different risk factors associated with the severe bone loss seen in patients with thalassaemia. His findings were recently published in the prestigious Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.Central to the success of this research has been the depth of his collaboration with clinical colleagues at Monash Health.

“MIMR-PHI Institute’s location and strong ties to Monash Health, the state referral centre for thalassaemia, has allowed me to work closely with colleagues in the Monash Health Metabolic Bone Clinic who are at the frontline of clinical management of this disease. This has placed me in a unique position to drive practical clinical research and expedite translation of findings to improve care and outcomes for patients,” he said.


Stuart-HooperResearcher honoured for career dedicated to saving our smallest patients

5 September, 2014

Monash University has honoured MIMR-PHI Researcher Professor Stuart Hooper’s outstanding career and research leadership with the 2014 Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (Distinguished Career).

The award recognises Professor Hooper’s contribution to global understanding of fetal and neonatal lung development and transition, as well as his extraordinary success bridging the worlds of medical research, technology development, and clinical practice to drive innovation and improve outcomes for maternal, fetal and neonatal healthcare.

Professor Hooper Head’s MIMR-PHI’s Ritchie Centre and his team are working to improve clinical management of the transition to air breathing at birth, described as one of the most critical and high-risk events we experience, next to traumatic injury and death, to minimise brain injury in newborns. Currently the team is studying the impacts of delayed cord clamping and timing of oxytocin, a drug given to mothers following birth to protect against haemorrhage.


MIMR-PHI student wins Anthony Koelmeyer International PhD Excellence Award

26 August, 2014amy-web2

MIMR-PHI’s Amy Winship was one of four students honoured by Monash University as winners of the 2014 Anthony Koelmeyer International PhD Excellence Awards.

Amy received the award for her PhD research on abnormal placental development and how this contributes to the pregnancy disorder preeclampsia, which affects approximately 8% of pregnancies and can result in fetal and maternal death. Supervised by Associate Professor Eva Dimitriadis, Amy aims to determine how a highly expressed protein could be targeted to reverse the severe complications of preeclampsia during pregnancy.

She will use the $2000 travel award to attend three international meetings in Scotland and Paris next month as well as visiting expert laboratories in the placental biology field to gain ideas and to progress her project by learning new technical approaches to apply to her research. Amy says that communicating research findings at international meetings is an essential part of progressing medical research, especially at PhD level, as it is aimed at fostering new ideas and collaborations.

Amy hopes to secure a post‐doctoral position during her international meetings. Read more about the award at


michael-gantier2ARC Future Fellow to target early cancer detection

20 August, 2014

The Australian Research Council has awarded leading scientist and biological engineer, Dr Michael Gantier, a 2014 Future Fellowship for his outstanding research at the MIMR-PHI Institute. One of 36 biological scientists recognised in the recent round of ARC funding announced by the Minister for Education, the Honourable Christopher Pyne, MP, Dr Gantier received the award for his ongoing research investigating MicroRNAs, which control the use of genetic information to produce proteins. Changes to MicroRNA levels in the cells are associated with development of diseases such as cancers. In this research, Dr Gantier is hoping to determine the stability of MicroRNAs within human cells and establish their usefulness as biomarkers for early diagnostic testing.


MIMR-PHI researcher honoured with Churchill Fellowship

18 August, 2014nadine-web

MIMR-PHI Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr Nadine Brew has been awarded a highly prestigious Jack Brockhoff Churchill Fellowship to continue her outstanding research into the potential protective effects of dopamine as a treatment for the brain injury of preterm babies. Dr Brew will undertake her Fellowship through collaborations with world-leading researchers in the USA, Europe and Japan in 2015 to build on her discoveries at the Institute. Working with Dr Flora Wong, Nadine aims to determine whether or not the beneficial effects of dopamine treatment are brought about by changes to brain blood flow in order to establish a sound understanding of the process before it can begin moving into a clinical application. The award was presented to Dr Brew by Victorian Governor, His Excellency the Honourable Alex Chernov, at Government House in early August.


VCA funding for MIMR-PHI researchersGeorge-&-Dan-web

5 July, 2014

MIMR-PHI cancer researchers, Drs George Grigoriadis and Daniel Gough were among 25 scientists recently awarded VCA funding. Leukaemia Research Group Co-Head and Haematologist, Dr Grigoriadis, received a Victorian Cancer Agency Clinical Research Fellowship to continue his work to understand the role of inflammation in the different stages of the myelodysplastic syndromes and identify patients who may benefit from treatment with anti-inflammatory agents. Also from the Centre of Cancer Research, STAT Cancer Biology Group Head, Dr Gough, was recipient of a Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium Early Career Seed Grant to continue his research on childhood brain tumour, medulloblastoma.


MIMR-PHI Researcher honoured with Merck-Serono Fertility Award

14 July, 2014Tracey-web

MIMR-PHI Centre for Reproductive Health Researcher, Dr Tracey Edgell was one of nine International researchers recently presented with prestigious Merck-Serono Grant for Fertility Innovation Awards in Germany. Presented during the 2014 ESHRE Conference in Munich, Dr Edgell’s award included $127, 202 € to conduct a 1-year clinical trial of a three-biomarker endometrial receptivity diagnostic test developed at MIMR-PHI. The award was the second nod from Merck-Serono for the Endometrial Receptivity Group, with the team previously receiving a two-year grant to continue their collaborative research to identify uterine receptivity biomarkers with Monash IVF.



ASMR Best Oral Award for MIMR-PHI student

12 June, 2014Harriet-F

MIMR-PHI student, Harriet Fitzgerald, has won the 2014 Victoria University Best Oral Award at the ASMR Student Symposium.

Other MIMR-PHI winners included Dilys Leung (Best Oral – Cancer Session), Wenxin (Cindy) Chen (3 Minute Thesis), Sophea Heng, Maria Nguyen and Ann Winter (Poster Awards).




Cancer Research Fundraiser visits MIMR-PHIChris-Gruar-web

6 May, 2014

School Teacher turned Association for International Cancer Research fundraiser, Mr Chris Gruar, recently met with MIMR-PHI cancer researchers, including Institute Director, Professor Bryan Williams, Dr Colin Clyne, A/Prof Brendan Jenkins and Dr Craig Harrison, during a celebratory tour of AICR funded laboratories in Melbourne. The visit marked the end of his epic 300,000 km fundraising bike ride from England to Australia, which raised £20,000 in support of AICR.

Photo (L – R): Dr Craig Harrison, Dr Colin Clyne, Mr Chris Gruar, A/Prof Brendan Jenkins and Prof Bryan Williams


Ritchie Centre Researchers Excel

30 April, 2014PZANZ-web

The Ritchie Centre is celebrating after a number of their early career researchers picked up awards at this week’s Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand’s annual meeting in Perth. Winners included:

  • Dr Annie McDougall – David Henderson-Smart Scholarship and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Award
  • Mr James Aridas – Cerebral Palsy Alliance Award
  • Melinda Dolan-Curosurf award for respiratory research on the effects of prenatal inflammation on lung development
  • Maria Nguyen – Early career researcher prize for best oral presentation (basic science)


A number of Ritchie Centre ECRs also picked up travel awards from PSANZ to support their research at this year’s meeting.

In the days before the PSANZ meeting, researchers gathered for the Annual Fetal and Neonatal Workshop of Australia and New Zealand in Yanchep National Park, where PhD student Stacey Ellery received the award for best oral presentation by a (late candidature) PhD student for her studies of birth asphyxia and effects on kidney development.

Photo (L – R): Dr Annie McDougall, Melinda Dolan-Curosurf, James Aridas and Courtney McDonald


Hormone to treat oxygen-deprived newborns in international trial

Researchers at the MIMR-PHI’s Ritchie Centre are preparing for a world-first international clinical trial to test the effectiveness of applying melatonin patches to the skin 30 minutes after delivery.
Hormone to treat oxygen-deprived newborns in international trial, The Australian, May 13, 2014

MIMR-PHI set to change landscape of medical research

After a combined 75 years of discovery and innovation, respected leading research brands, Monash Institute of Medical Research and Prince Henry’s Institute have joined forces as MIMR-PHI Institute of Medical Research. Changing the landscape of Victorian medical research, the merger positions the institute as one of the state’s top five independent medical research institutes and the largest in Melbourne’s southeast region.

MIMR-PHI Institute Director, Professor Bryan Williams sees the move as a positive step for both institutes, as they seek to increase their influence within the Australian and global research communities and the presence of translational research in one of Melbourne’s growth corridors. Read more >