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’40 weeks’: Rethinking pregnancy length could help prevent stillbirth – A mother’s ethnicity could influence gestational age her baby is born

Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck

Herald Sun
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The World Today – ABC Radio
ABC News Online
The Conversation

Precision medicine pipeline may improve drug treatment for pancreatic cancer

Professor Brendan Jenkins, Dr Daniel Croagh and Mr William Berry

The World Today (ABC Radio)
Nine News


Placental cells may hold hope for preterm brain injury and cerebral palsy
Dr Tamara Yawno, Professor Graham Jenkin, Associate Professor Suzie Miller

Herald Sun


Promising new treatment for incurable premature lung disease
Associate Professor Marcel Nold, Dr Claudia Nold, Dr Ina Rudloff

Herald Sun
ABC World Today
ABC Radio National


Photo: Justin McManus, The Age

Could interferon epsilon be used to fight HIV?
Professor Paul Hertzog and Dr Niamh Mangan, March 1 2017

Herald Sun
The Age
Geelong Advertiser
ABC News 24 – Interview with Paul Hertzog
ABC radio news bulletins
ABC 702 Perth – interview with Paul Hertzog.


The Sydney Morning Herald – New male birth control shows promise, Comment from Professor Robert McLachlan, February 9 2017

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CNN – Could we one day make babies from only skin cells? Comment from Professor Alan Trounson, February 9, 2017


Leader Community News – Calls for IVF treatment to be part of state’s public health system Comment from Professor Alan Trounson, January 23 2017