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  • Hudson Institute endorses marriage equality

    Hudson Institute celebrates an inclusive and diverse culture that supports marriage equality. As an Institute, we recognise that diversity and collaboration is our strength and that this underpins our pursuit of scientific excellence for the health of our community. We support the position that all individuals in our community should have the right to marry the person…  Read more

  • Endometriosis – Not just ‘women’s problems’

    Approximately one in 10 Australian women and many teenage girls live with a ‘silent’ yet potentially debilitating condition, endometriosis. Endometriosis can affect a woman’s physical and mental health, impacting on their ability to work and study, as well as disrupting family life and personal relationships. Now, together with scientists who study the condition, women with…  Read more

  • Dr Jaclyn Pearson joins Hudson Institute of Medical Research

    Hudson Institute of Medical Research welcomes postdoctoral microbiology researcher, Dr Jaclyn Pearson, who joins the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases as Head of the Host-Pathogen Interactions Research Group. Dr Pearson joins the Institute from the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, where she led research on pathogenic E. coli in the laboratory of…  Read more

  • ‘Missing link’ explains how viruses trigger immunity

    A discovery by Melbourne researchers has solved a longstanding mystery of how viruses trigger protective immunity within our body. The research team demonstrated a protein called SIDT2 was crucial for cells to detect viral components in their environment, and initiate an immune response to reduce the virus’ spread. As well as being an important part…  Read more

  • Caroline Gargett receives academic promotion to Professor

    Renowned stem cell scientist Caroline Gargett has received an academic promotion to Professor from Monash University. Prof Gargett is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and heads the Endometrial Stem Cell Biology laboratory in The Ritchie Centre at Hudson Institute. Prof Gargett says she is honoured to receive a promotion for her work which investigates underlying…  Read more

  • Shining the light on ‘silent’ women’s health conditions

    Women’s health and endometriosis experts from across Australia and the world are gathering in Melbourne in October to share cutting-edge research and bring a ‘silent’ women’s health condition to the fore. Hudson Institute of Medical Research and its women’s and baby health hub, The Ritchie Centre, are hosting a free public forum ‘Endometriosis – Moving…  Read more

  • Associate Professor Claudia Nold receives academic promotion

    Immunology expert and Hudson Institute Research Group Head, Claudia Nold, has received an academic promotion to Associate Professor from Monash University. Associate Professor Nold is co-head of the research group ‘Interventional Immunology for Neonatal Diseases and Beyond’ within The Ritchie Centre (Hudson Institute and Monash University). She leads the group alongside her husband and laboratory…  Read more

  • Childhood gastro link to type 1 diabetes

    New research by scientists at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research suggests that the immune response to a common childhood viral infection that causes gastroenteritis, could trigger type 1 diabetes in children with a specific genetic predisposition. Dr Anthony Sadler and his team uncovered the link, which may help to explain why some children develop…  Read more

  • Know your own fertility – study

    Men aspire to parenthood as much as women, but a lack of understanding around their own and their partner’s ticking fertility ‘clocks’ and an overestimation of the chances of getting pregnant by IVF may be contributing to men having unfulfilled parenthood aspirations, a collaborative study has found. Researchers from the Hudson Institute of Medical Research,…  Read more

  • Next Big Idea Award winners announced

    Five innovative ‘Big Ideas’ were presented by PhD students and early career researchers (ECRs) from Hudson Institute on August 17 to a panel of expert judges from industry, research and business development, with prizes and mentoring for the best and runner-up ideas. Projects pitched included two new diagnostic tests – one for autoimmune disease and another for infectious…  Read more