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  • Developing better techniques to diagnose a potentially curable form of hypertension

    A multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians from Hudson Institute and Monash Health has refined a complex procedure, adrenal vein sampling (AVS), used to identify a surgically curable form of hypertension caused by primary aldosteronism (PA). The work was presented by clinician-researcher Dr Jun Yang at the International Aldosterone Meeting as well as ENDO 2017…  Read more

  • Hope for babies starved of oxygen at birth

    Kahli Sargent loved going fast in a car or boat, everyone knew she loved it—which is surprising, because her mother was told by doctors at birth that she would never communicate. Kahli Sargent “Kahli’s laughter was unreal, she might not have been able to talk, but she certainly could communicate with everyone around her. She…  Read more

  • New Hudson Institute Director and CEO announced

    We are pleased to announce that Professor Elizabeth Hartland has accepted a position as the new Director and CEO of Hudson Institute of Medical Research. Professor Hartland obtained her BSc (Hons) majoring in Microbiology and Biochemistry and subsequently her PhD in Microbiology from the University of Melbourne. She has held a Royal Society/NHMRC Howard Florey…  Read more

  • Promising new treatment for incurable premature lung disease

    Hudson Institute researchers have discovered a potential safe an effective treatment for bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), which could save preterm babies from the severe lifelong effects of this incurable premature lung disease. The researchers, led by Associate Professor Marcel Nold and Dr Claudia Nold, together with senior scientist Dr Ina Rudloff at The Ritchie Centre showed that…  Read more

  • Professor Eva Dimitriadis receives academic promotion

    Hudson Institute female reproductive health research expert Evdokia (Eva) Dimitriadis has received an academic promotion to Professor from Monash University. Since completing her PhD 15 years ago, Professor Dimitriadis has established herself as a world-renowned researcher within the field of embryo implantation in healthy pregnancy; contraception and infertility. Professor Dimitriadis thanked her husband, research team and…  Read more

  • Protein found in female reproductive tract could halt spread of HIV in body

    Scientists from Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Deakin University have shown that a naturally occurring signalling protein found in the female reproductive tract, interferon epsilon, can block the replication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in human cells, and could form a first-line response to the virus. The findings of this collaborative study have recently…  Read more

  • Professor Evan Simpson made a Member of the Order of Australia

    The Director Emeritus of Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Professor Simpson has been acknowledged with the Honour for significant service to medical science, particularly in the field of breast cancer, as an academic and researcher. Professor Simpson has made significant contributions to research into estrogen-dependent breast cancer, leading to the development of breast cancer drugs…  Read more

  • Help provide a healthier future for unborn babies

    The summer holidays are a special time to relax and enjoy fun activities with our friends, families and especially with children. It’s also a great time to support those who help others. At The Ritchie Centre, the Hudson Institute of Medical Research’s hub for fetal and neonatal research, our world-class scientists are investigating ways to…  Read more

  • Fielding Foundation Fellowship awarded to two emerging immunology research leaders

    The Fielding Foundation Fellowship 2017 has been jointly awarded to two outstanding immunology researchers at Hudson Institute, Dr Niamh Mangan, from the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases, and Associate Professor Marcel Nold, from The Ritchie Centre. The Fielding Fellowship was established in 2014 through a five-year, $1 million donation to Hudson Institute of…  Read more

  • Dr Tracey Edgell awarded the 2017 Fielding Innovation Award

    The 2017 Fielding Innovation Award has been awarded to Dr Tracey Edgell, from the Centre for Reproductive Health, to further her research into stimulating factor CSF3 and its role in improving female fertility. The $50,000 Fielding Innovation Award will enable Dr Edgell to carry out studies that will take her a step closer to commercialising the…  Read more