Meaghan Griffiths

Meaghan Griffiths


PhD student

Research Group

Embryo Implantation

Area of study

Endometrial receptivity

Year of enrolment


Why did you choose Hudson Institute and your research group?

I first discovered Hudson Institute during my undergraduate degree at Monash University, when I completed a semester-long research project in the Embryo Implantation lab. I thought Reproductive Biology was the area I wanted to end up in. My undergraduate project and then my Honours year really confirmed that for me!

What is your research about and what do you hope to achieve?

For a successful pregnancy to be achieved, the embryo must firmly adhere to a receptive endometrium, and this is only possible in a very short window of time within each menstrual cycle. My research investigates the role of microRNAs in endometrial receptivity - specifically, if the expression of microRNAs differs in the endometrium of infertile women, what impact this might then have on embryo adhesion and implantation.