Dr Anthony Sadler

Dr Sadler is expert in innate immunity. After completing his early research training in microbial genetics at the University of Canterbury and virology at the University of Otago he travelled to the US where he conducted postdoctoral research into host immune responses to microbial pathogens at the Centre for Cancer Biology within the Learner Research Institute. In 2007, Dr Sadler came to Australia where he took up a position as a Senior Research Fellow within the Hudson Institute’s Centre for Cancer Research. He subsequently moved to the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Disease within the same institute. His research group investigates innate immune responses that drive inflammation. Dr Sadler’s research has advanced our knowledge of the regulation of cell signalling pathways that control responses to our environment. His research aims to characterise mechanisms that cause inflammation to be able to identify strategies to curb inflammatory pathologies and ensuing disease.

Selected publications

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