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  • Concerns eased over ICSI male infertility

    Infertility concerns among men conceived by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) have eased, with new research showing little or no difference in their reproductive health compared to men conceived naturally. L-R:……  Read more

    Professor Rob McLachlan, Dr Sarah Catford from Hudson Institute discover that fertility unaffected in men born from ICSI.
  • Putting the brakes on bowel cancer

    For clinicians, detecting cancer is a victory in itself, but stopping its spread is crucial to a successful outcome. For Professor Ron Firestein, 2021 brought welcome results in that endeavour,……  Read more

    Professor Ron Firestein, at Hudson Institute, puts the brakes on bowel cancer.
  • Never stop asking – hope for pancreatic cancer patients

    Pancreatic cancer is predicted to be the second leading cause of cancer-related death by 2030. While other cancer survival rates are improving, for pancreatic cancer patients this has been virtually……  Read more

    Patient Concetta Vasille diagnosed with pancreatic cancer thanks her doctors, Dr Daniel Croagh and Dr Joanne Lundy at Hudson Institute for saving her life.
  • Helping women with endometriosis

    Some scientific discoveries have the power to prevent years of pain and suffering. Professor Caroline Gargett and her team are within reach of making that dream a reality, helping millions……  Read more

    Professor Caroline Gargett Dr Caitlin Filby and endometriosis patient Nicole Fernley at Hudson Institute
  • Pelvic organ prolapse prevention and cure

    They say prevention is better than cure, but when it comes to pelvic organ prolapse, the specialists at Hudson Institute of Medical Research are taking them equally seriously. L–R: Dr……  Read more

    Hudson Institute researchers, Dr Kallyanashis Paul and Dr Shayanti Mukherjee, developing a new cell therapy treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Finding a cause of high blood pressure

    After watching her father struggle with hypertension (high blood pressure) for decades, endocrinologist Dr Jun Yang found he had a hormonal condition called primary aldosteronism (PA). L–R: Dr Jun Yang,……  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang and her father Lisheng Yang at Hudson Institute
  • 2022 Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowships

    Congratulations to the 2022 recipients of the Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowships After two years of restricted travel, these fellowships, provided by the Harold Mitchell Foundation, give much-needed opportunities for young……  Read more

    Congratulations to the awardees of our 2022 Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowships, Bryan Williams Traineeship Award and Hudson Institute Travel Awards
  • Filling the gaps in immune system cancer research

    New light has been shone on the role of specific protein components of the immune system in both causing and preventing cancer. Professor Brendan Jenkins In the most extensive review……  Read more

    Professor Brendan Jenkins discovers the role of the immune system in causing and preventing cancer.
  • Hudson News Winter 2022

    Director’s message Welcome to Hudson News Winter 2022. In this issue we are proud to officially launch our Women’s Health Appeal in connection with Mother’s Day, as well as continuing……  Read more

    Professor Elizabeth Hartland
  • Kirstin’s stillbirth story 

    Turning an experience of stillbirth into a life’s work  At the age of 20, on a gap year from her Bachelor of Science studies, Kirstin Tindal unexpectedly became pregnant. Kirstin……  Read more

    Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck and PhD student Kirstin Tindal at Hudson Institute turning an experience of stillbirth into a life's work.