Hudson Institute has a strong track record of discoveries and commercialisation.

Building on our beginnings as Monash Institute of Medical Research and Prince Henry’s Institute, we are now forging forward and supporting the translation of our science into the community where it will have the most benefit.

Our translational success has been the result of strong partnerships with industry and academia, including collaborative R&D, start-up incubation, and nurturing longer-term relationships with biotechnology partners.

  • Invion announces next steps in R&D program

    Invion, a life sciences company, announces it is progressing a new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for anti-cancer treatment.…  Read more

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  • Septic shock company established with Noxopharm

    A new Australian drug development company to target life-threatening inflammation has been formed as the result of a collaboration between Noxopharm Limited (ASX:NOX), Hudson Institute and Australian National University.…  Read more

    Dr Michael Gantier from the Nucleic Acids and Innate Immunity Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Ovarian cancer therapy closer following international venture capital investment

    Hudson Institute has attracted a substantial international venture capital investment to support translation of a promising new ovarian cancer therapy into clinical development.…  Read more

    Mr Rob Merriel, Company Secretary at Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • US FDA approval sought for clinical trial – potential COVID-19 treatment

    Biotech company Noxopharm is seeking approval from the US FDA for a clinical trial in COVID-19 patients of an end-stage prostate cancer drug, following a discovery by Hudson Institute researchers that it could act as an anti-inflammatory. Announced earlier this month, researchers found in laboratory tests that the active ingredient in the medication, idronoxil, could…  Read more

    Dr Michael Gantier from the Nucleic Acids and Innate Immunity Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Cancer drug investigated as anti-inflammatory for lethal conditions including COVID-19

    An existing cancer drug could potentially modify a severe hyper-inflammatory ‘storm’ associated with some conditions, which may include the COVID-19 virus, according to Hudson Institute researchers.…  Read more

    Dr Michael Gantier from the Nucleic Acids and Innate Immunity Research Group at Hudson Institute, septic shock inflammation researcher
  • Hudson Institute enters into research alliance with Invion Limited

    Hudson Institute has entered into a Research and Development Alliance Agreement with Invion Limited to provide key scientific assessment of Invion’s cancer treatment technology, Photosoft. The collaboration will initially focus on the treatment of ovarian cancer, with a view to expanding research and development projects into other forms of cancer. Hudson Institute will provide the…  Read more

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  • Fielding Foundation awards for researchers

    Hudson Institute’s finest medical researchers will continue to push the boundaries in their field thanks to continued generous support from Mr Peter Fielding and the Fielding Foundation. This year, Research Group Heads, Associate Professor Claudia Nold (2019 Fielding Foundation Fellowship) and Dr Michael Gantier (2019 Fielding Innovation Award), were rewarded for their innovative scientific projects.…  Read more

  • Researchers awarded Ferring Innovation Grants

    Two Hudson Institute researchers have been awarded 2018-19 Ferring Innovation Grants. Dr Fiona Cousins and Dr Tracey Edgell were named among eight international researchers, with this year’s program focused on reproductive medicine, women’s health and more. The grants attracted a record number of applications, with those selected considered to be at the cutting edge of…  Read more

    Dr Fiona Cousins from the Endometrial Stem Cell Biology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Creating next generation medicines: new industry collaboration announced

    Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University have announced a new research collaboration with the Swiss-based healthcare company Roche (F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd and Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.) The collaboration aims to develop next generation treatments for autoimmune diseases, focused on proteins targeting novel molecular pathways. The partnership will enable the multi-disciplinary research team and…  Read more