Contract research opportunities

Hudson Institute has a strong culture of collaboration and innovation.

We offer the opportunity to engage in collaborative research and development projects. We can also provide contract research opportunities, enabling access to our world-class scientific and technical expertise, facilities, and infrastructure. Contact us at if you are interested in working with us, or want to learn more about our capabilities.

Hudson Institute of Medical Research is also registered as a Research Service Provider (RSP) with the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (RSP no. 115463). Companies contracting Hudson Institute to undertake R&D on their behalf may be eligible for the Australian Government’s R&D Tax Incentive, a program that helps businesses offset the cost of research and development.

Hudson Institute is registered to provide contracted R&D services in these activities:

ANZSRC code Activity
0601 Biochemistry and Cell Biology
0604 Genetics
0606 Physiology
1004 Medical Biotechnology
1101 Medical Biochemistry and Metabolomics
1103 Clinical Sciences
1107 Immunology
1108 Medical Microbiology
1109 Neurosciences
1112 Oncology and Carcinogenesis
1114 Paediatrics and Reproductive Medicine
1199 Other Medical and Health Sciences

To find out more about the research expertise available at Hudson Institute, read about our Research Centres and Technology Platforms. Find specific experts by searching our Researcher Profiles. Other opportunities for commercialisation and partnership can be explored at Partnership Opportunities.