Our facilities

Translational Research Facility

Our Translational Research Facility (TRF) is a purpose-built research space designed to foster innovation and health translation.

Set across six levels, the TRF co-locates research with state-of-the-art Technology Platforms and a Clinical Trials Centre. This unique positioning supports our the pipeline from discovery through to clinical trial and commercial engagement.

Translational Research Facility pipeline


Clinical Trials Centre

The Clinical Trials Centre includes eight beds and 21 chairs to support clinical trials from Phase 1 to Phase 4 – from ‘first in human’ to primary health trials. The Centre is supported by an on-site satellite pharmacy, pathology service and MRI suite.

Technology Platforms

Medical Genomics
Our NATA accredited facility provides a comprehensive range of genomic technologies using the very latest instruments that span Single Cell Genomics, High Throughput Gene Expression and Next Generation Sequencing analysis.

Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry provides cutting edge technologies to study protein structure and function for biomarker discovery. Also hosting NATA certified assays for steroids, vitamins and drugs, the Facility engages in research, clinical and commercial collaborations.

Flow Cytometry
The MHTP Flow Cytometry Facility is a key capability to underpin cellular and particle analysis. The Facility is introducing the very latest instrumentation for 18 colour multiparameter detection using the highest levels of sensitivity and resolution optics.

The MHTP Histology Facility fully supports research and commercial engagement through ISO 9001:2008 operations. An experienced team supports the delivery of histology and Aperio scanning services for both paraffin and resin applications.

Mouse and Animal Models
A range of pre-clinical mouse and animal models of disease are used to advance solutions to cancer, heart disease, paediatric conditions, inflammation, infectious disease and CNS disorders.

Cell Therapies
The custom built BioSpherix isolator enables sterile, fully contained isolation of human cells and tissues for clinical development. Operating as a cost effective alternative to traditional clean rooms, the Facility also hosts clinical cell sorting and 3D bioprinting capabilities.

Micro Imaging
Specialising in 4D fluorescence, live cell imaging, advanced light microscopy, confocal microscopy and image and data informatics, MHTP-Monash Microimaging provides expertise, instrumentation and collaborative research using state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Monash Biobank
The Monash Biobank service facilitates clinical sample collection, processing, retrieval, archiving and analysis for a wide range of research applications. Monash Bioinformatics Platform The team of bioinformaticians provide broad capabilities in transcriptomics analysis (microarray, RNAseq), variant identification (SNPs and InDels), epigenetics and expertise in a range of software analysis packages.