Partnership opportunities

Hudson Institute has a focus on the translation of our research to deliver health benefits to the community.

We have a number of opportunities available for collaboration, investment, and licensing, to enable the development and commercialisation of our research and technologies.

Below are examples of technologies developed by Hudson Institute researchers. Contact us if you are interested in these, or if you have specific area you would like to pursue.

Wound healing and skin repairHudson Institute researchers have identified unique factors that promote the healing of skin, by promoting cellular adhesion and migration of skin cells to the site needing repair.
Improving IVF outcomes: Assessing endometrial receptivityOur researchers are developing a simple blood test to predict the likelihood of a successful IVF embryo transfer, so clinicians and patients can make informed decisions about treatment.
Engineering a safer MR antagonist for heart failureResearchers from Hudson Institute and Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences are working together to develop cardiac-selective mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists for the treatment of chronic heart failure.
Novel cancer therapies: blocking the cells that control tumour growthResearchers at Hudson Institute have identified a mechanism by which cancer cells are able to invade and spread, and are targeting this in the treatment of cancer.
Novel targets for autoimmune diseaseOur researchers are developing a molecular understanding of the cGAS-STING pathway and how it can be targeted for the treatment of autoimmune disease.


For more information on any of our projects, contact Rob Merriel, Chief Commercialisation Officer.

R&D opportunities are also available, and Hudson Institute is a registered Research Service Provider.