Reproductive health and pregnancy

Reproductive Health is now a key global challenge, with impacts of the environment and changes in societies strongly impacting infertility and the long-term health of offspring.

Hudson Institute is internationally recognised for outstanding research into reproduction and pregnancy, spanning more than 40 years. Our scientists are answering the tough questions to improve male and female reproductive health.

Reproductive health and pregnancy diseases we research

Six babies are stillborn each day in Australia

Six babies are stillborn each day in Australia and around 20% of stillbirths remain unexplained

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PhD Researcher Kirstin Tindal and Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck tackling stillbirth at Hudson Institute

Turning an experience of stillbirth into a life’s work

At the age of 20, on a gap year from her Bachelor of Science studies, Kirstin Tindal unexpectedly became pregnant. During an ultrasound procedure she witnessed her unborn daughter’s final heartbeats. That moment marked the beginning to save other women from the pain.

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Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) prevention and cure

There is currently no reliable treatment for POP, but research lead by Dr Shayanti Mukherjee, is working to help those women already experiencing the condition and those whose birth injuries leave them susceptible to it. Dr Kallyanashis Paul is producing excellent results with his project using 3D printing to develop pelvic mesh products from a woman’s own cells.

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PhD Researcher Kirstin Tindal and her son Cameron

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