Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that develops and improves on methods for storing, retrieving, organising and analysing biological data.


A major activity in bioinformatics is to develop software tools to comprehend complex biological systems.


  • Differential Gene Expression – Statistical analysis of differential gene expression from transcriptomics data (microarray, RNAseq)
  • Variant Identification – Identification of genetic variants (SNPs and InDels) from large scale genomics data
  • Methylation and ChIPseq – Exploration of epigenetics and post-transcriptional modifications of the genome and its expression
  • De-novo assembly – In silico assembly of transcriptomics or genomics data from non-model organisms.

The platform also provides access to the IPA (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis) and Metacore (GeneGo) software via a hot desk for its collaborators.

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