Breast cancer researcher offers community insight at NBCF event

The Hudson Institute’s Dr Kristy Brown has offered the community an insight into her research into the links between obesity and breast cancer during a Pink Ribbon breakfast in the Yarra Ranges earlier this month.

Dr Brown was invited to speak at the event as a National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) funded researcher whose work on breast cancer has been driven forward by philanthropic funds.

Around 150 guests attended the annual event, which this year raised $27,250 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Run by long-term NBCF supporter Karen Webb, the breakfast has raised more than $135,000 in the 10 years since it started.

Dr Brown’s research investigates the role of obesity factors and some hormones produced by the stomach in increased incidence of oestrogen-dependent breast cancer.

Dr Brown spoke about her own personal connection to the disease, in that her aunt is a breast cancer survivor, and demonstrated to the audience how NBCF funds are allowing her to investigate metabolic pathways that could be used to develop novel forms of treatment for breast cancer which are less intrusive than chemo- and radiotherapies.

Funding from NBCF has also allowed Dr Brown to supervise a PhD student, Cherie Au, to undertake research on breast cancer research projects in her lab.

“Not only have funds from NBCF enabled my lab to examine the links between obesity and breast cancer in the hope of finding new treatments, they have also given a head-start to the next generation of young researchers investigating the disease,” Dr Brown said.

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