Participants sought for sleep study

Hudson Institute’s children’s and women’s health hub, The Ritchie Centre (TRC) is looking for children/teens aged three to 18 to participate as controls in research sleep studies.

Researchers are carrying out studies on the effect of sleep disordered breathing on blood flow to the brain and its relationship with learning and behaviour.

Researchers are looking for non-snoring three- to 12-year-old volunteers to serve as controls. Participants will have an overnight sleep study at the Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre in the Monash Medical Centre.

Also being sought is an eight- to 18-year-old non snoring, normal-weight volunteers to serve as controls in another study on the effects of being overweight in childhood and snoring during sleep on brain structure, academic performance and the cardiovascular system.

The participants will firstly have an MRI scan at the brand new Monash BioImaging Facility located in Wellington Road opposite Monash University Clayton Campus. This will take about an hour and afterwards, the participants will take part in an overnight sleep study at the Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre in the Monash Medical Centre. Both of these procedures will be performed on the same night.

During the sleep study, leads will be attached to measure brain activity, breathing and heart rate whilst the participants sleep. None of these measurements hurt the participants in any way and they will be able to see what their brains are doing! Sleep studies are overnight from 7pm and there are facilities for making tea and coffee and watching DVDs. A parent is required to stay and sleep overnight, and staff and students will explain everything about sleep to you.

After the study a friendly psychologist will arrange a time to visit your house for some fun psychological testing. Being poor researchers, the only thing that can be offered in return for participation is free parking and gratitude.

For further information please contact: Professor Rosemary Horne, The Ritchie Centre Phone: 9594 5100  Email: or visit, in the parents tab through the Melbourne Childrens Sleep Centre page for more information. You can also find us at

(This study has approval from the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee – Project Number 14024B/12276B)

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