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Maria Petraki


Online via zoom


12 Feb 2021


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

“Accelerate your verbal presentation skills” workshop for postgraduate students

Do you want to accelerate your verbal presentation skills and become a better communicator?
Professor Kate Loveland and Maria Petraki are introducing a new workshop for postgraduate students.

A sneak peek at the content of the workshop
  • Vocal and physical warm-up – How, why, and when to do it? Exploring body posture and relaxation exercises.
  • Experimenting with being an ‘expert’, enjoyable games that give you an opportunity to discover ways to speak with clarity and build vocal delivery skills.
  • Working on your “elevator pitch”, exploring ways to describe your research in under one minute. Useful to prepare for the “3-minute thesis” competition, talking about your work at conferences and parties, and general vocal communication skills.

This workshop will be a personalized experience with many opportunities to practice vocal skills in a supportive environment. The workshop will be run by Dr Merophie Carr, a theatre director, researcher, and teacher with substantial experience in working with a range of participants to create positive performance outcomes in a creative environment.

We are now receiving expressions of interest (EOIs). Since we want this to be a personalized experience, we can only accommodate 20 students (maximum). The selection criteria are based on ‘first in best dressed’.

If you are interested in becoming a better science communicator, please send an email to Maria Petraki and Professor Kate Loveland by Monday, 8 February.

(Note: Once numbers are filled, no more EOIs will be considered).

On behalf of Maria Petraki and Prof Kate Loveland

Dr Merophie Carr – ‘Accelerate your verbal presentation skills’

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