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18 May 2021


9:30 am

Evacuation Drill

As part of our Occupational Health and Safety compliance, please be advised of the following planned evacuation drills for Hudson Institute and Monash University research areas (excluding the animal facilities) to be held on Tuesday, 18 May.

The drills will be a coordinated exercise with Monash University and Monash Health. The aim of the drill is not only to familiarise you with the emergency procedures but also for our wardens to practice their roles. The drills will cover:  TRF L4-7, Hudson (Building 261), MHRP (Building 262) L2-4 and E block levels L3-5.

Please ensure that you are able to participate on the day by planning your experiments accordingly.  


9:30am     | Hudson (261) All Floors  | Fire Panel
10:00am   | MHRP (262) & Bridge      | Fire Panel
10:45am   | TRF 4 and 5                        | Fire Panel or Silent Drill
11:15am     | TRF 6 and 7                        | Fire Panel or Silent Drill
11:45am    | E Block 3 to 5                     | Silent Drill


COVID-19 | COVID-related safety precautions must be maintained as reasonably practicable. Please maintain social distancing when evacuating and assembling. There will be hand sanitiser available in assembly areas  if required.

Fire Panel | Rodney Edwards, the Institute Building warden will manage the fire panels. The emergency zone wardens will walk through in high-vis indicating it is a code orange. Building occupants are to assemble in the designated evacuation assembly area until the  wardens give the “all clear”.

Silent Drill | No announcements or tones. The  emergency zone wardens will walk through in high-vis indicating it is a code orange.  Building occupants are to assemble in the designated evacuation assembly area until the zone wardens give the “all clear”.

For more information | CLICK HERE
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please contact OHSE