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18 Mar 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Hudson Seminar Series | Dr Felicity Davis, PhD

Dr Felicity Davis trained as a pharmacist before embarking on a PhD in the field of breast cancer at the University of Queensland. She subsequently joined Jim Putney’s lab at the NIH, and in 2014, joined Christine Watson’s group at the University of Cambridge to study adult stem cell biology. Here, she adopted a mutation-based genetic labelling strategy for single cell lineage-tracing studies in the mouse
mammary gland.

In 2018, Dr Davis was awarded an NHMRC Career Development Fellowship and Project Grant to start her independent research group in Australia. Dr Davis’ research group brings together expertise in calcium signalling, mammary biology, adult stem cells and volumetric imaging, with the overarching goal of improving our understanding of mothers’, women’s and babies’ health.

Dr Davis’ seminar will discuss multiscale imaging of basal cell dynamics in the lactating mammary gland. The mammary gland is functional for only a brief period of a female’s lifetime—if at all. During this time, it operates, not for the survival of the individual, but for the survival of her offspring. Dr Davis’ team has been able to visualize the nature of cellular contractions in the lactating mammary gland for the first time, revealing how specialized epithelial cells, which possess the ability to behave like smooth muscle cells, undergo Ca2+-dependent contractions. By understanding how these cells function under physiological conditions, will provide new insights into how signal transduction processes may be altered in disease, and will present new methods for exploring this.

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