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Virtual workshop (online via Zoom)


27 Nov 2020


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Improve your Impact | Building Oral Communication Skills

Voice Coaching Virtual Workshop (online via Zoom) for post-graduate students

Do you sometimes feel that you cannot effectively communicate with your supervisors/colleagues? Have you ever felt that your voice is not taken seriously during meetings and discussions? Have you ever been ‘talked over’ by someone who ignored your point? Would you like some voice coaching advice for your research presentations?

A sneak peek in the content of the workshop

  • Vocal and physical warm up | How, why, and when to do it? How to communicate confidence with your posture?
  • Posture and vocal exercises | For interview and conversational settings.
  • Duet exercises | Personalised feedback given and strategies to improve confidence.
  • How to have a conversation on Zoom | Talking too much or too little? This skill will be transferable to future face to face situations.

Speaker | Dr Merophie Carr, recent PhD graduate, Centre for Theatre and Performance, Monash University

We are now receiving expressions of interest (EOIs). Since we want this to be a personalised experience, we can accommodate 20 students (maximum). The selection criteria are based on ‘first in best dressed’.

If you are interested in becoming a better science communicator, please send an email to Maria Petraki and Kate Loveland by Monday, 23 November strict.

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