Free forum
Male infertility—a look under the cover

Raising a healthy family is almost a universal dream for couples, the reality is that infertility is on the up and now affects one in five Australian men and women.

13 November | FREE forum – male infertility and planning for a healthy baby

Who is the forum for?

This forum is for men and their partners who are planning a family or trying to conceive. It will allow men and their partners to hear about the latest in male reproductive research and ask questions from leading experts.

Attendees will hear from male reproductive scientists and clinicians on causes, diagnosis and treatments for male infertility, improving fertility and how a man’s health at conception affect’s his child’s development.

Did you know?

  • Infertility is a widespread problem
  • For one in five infertile couples, the diagnosis is with the male partner
  • About 1 in 20 men has a low sperm count
  • Australia is among the highest per capita users of IVF
  • When trying to conceive, lifestyle changes for men can improve outcomes for future offspring.

Date: Wednesday, 13 November
Time: 5:30pm – 7pm
Location: Hudson Institute of Medical Research
45 Kanooka Grove, Clayton
Translational Research Facility
Level 2, Seminar Rooms 1 and 2
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Professor Rob McLachlan | Male fertility, Hudson Institute
A/Prof Patrick Western | Fetal Testis Development, Hudson Institute
Dr Liza O’Donnell | Testis Function and Diagnostic Tests
Professor Kate Loveland | Testis Development, Function and Cancer, Hudson Institute
Professor Mark Hedger | Inflammation in the Male Reproductive Tract, Hudson Institute
A/Professor Peter Stanton | Testis Function and Diagnostic Tests, Hudson Institute

“It’s really important to engage the public in our research so that we can share the latest knowledge to help empower them. It’s also important for us to learn from people about the issues they face as they encounter fertility problems, so that we can find ways to help,” said Associate Professor Peter Stanton.


A/Professor Peter Stanton