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  • Hudson Institute welcomes Young Women in Science

    Hudson Institute has created a new program for young women designed to encourage them to consider a career in medical research. The inaugural Hudson Institute of Young Women in Science program was funded as part of a concerted effort by the federal government to increase the number of women in science. The new program will…  Read more

  • A fitting legacy for leading fitness coach, Daniel Wilson

    A leading Australian fitness coach, Daniel Wilson, died in May 2019 two months after being diagnosed with stomach cancer aged just 37. Daniel was well known for introducing Metafit, a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program, to Australia.

    Now, those who loved Daniel are commemorating his life by raising funds for medical research that will help find earlier diagnoses and treatments for others with stomach cancer.…  Read more

  • A healthy heart needs a healthy start

    We all know that eating well, exercising and avoiding smoking can help reduce our risk of heart disease. However, many of us don’t realise that our heart health is affected by the conditions in our mothers’ wombs before we are born.…  Read more

  • Promising cerebral palsy treatment

    Every 15 hours, a baby is born with cerebral palsy – a condition that comes with life-long disability and has no cure.…  Read more

  • Mutation offers Holy Grail to combat inflammation

    The discovery of a human mutation that controls inflammation could lead to improved treatments for infectious diseases. Potentially, this could improve health outcomes worldwide for diseases such as bacterial infections, septic shock, or common colds and flu.…  Read more

  • New neonatal paediatric chair

    Hudson Institute and Monash University have welcomed the announcement of the Financial Markets Foundation for Children (FMFC) to provide funding for the appointment of a new Chair in Neonatal Paediatrics.…  Read more

  • Drug may be breakthrough to treat lung cancer

    The development of a drug to treat the most common type of lung cancer is a step closer…  Read more

  • Inaugural fellowship recipient announced

    Establishing a career in science, and funding for a chosen area of research, can be challenging. Many top young scientists need all the support they can get through the critical phases of their research.…  Read more

  • 2019 Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowships

    Congratulations to the 2019 recipients of the Harold Mitchell Foundation Travel Fellowships. The fellowships equip young scientists with the experience, cutting-edge knowledge and professional links that will let them make a difference to medical science both in Australia and throughout the world.…  Read more

  • 2019 Hudson Institute Travel Awards and Bryan Williams Trainee Scholarship

    Congratulations to the 2019 Hudson Institute Travel Awards recipients who will attend international conferences and visit laboratories to build invaluable knowledge in their area of research.…  Read more