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  • Free public forum | pregnancy and fertility

    Free public forum, 12 September | Women’s health, fertility and pregnancy experts will share the latest research discoveries and explain how to achieve a health pregnancy. …  Read more

  • Could flu deaths be relegated to history?

    A drug used in WW II to treat inflammation may hold the key to saving lives in the fight against flu deaths.…  Read more

  • 2019 IMPACT Philanthropy – Perpetual

    Two Hudson Institute researchers, Dr Jun Yang and Dr Maree Bilandzic have been successful in the 2019 IMPACT Philanthropy program, from Perpetual, which are awarded to organisations based on their strategy, outcomes, capability and leaderships.…  Read more

  • Training to meet demand in the growing cell therapy industry

    There is a major gap in the rapidly growing cell therapy industry: qualified staff who can undertake the cell manufacturing needed as part of the therapy. …  Read more

    A/Prof Bec Lim
  • Seven facts you need to know about the flu

    Influenza expert Dr Michelle Tate answers frequently asked questions about the flu and addresses misconceptions that often come up in conversation during the winter months.…  Read more

    Morphology of the swine flu virus.
  • A world of opportunity for LGBTQIA+ community in STEMM

    Melbourne is hosting the first Australian symposium for LGBT STEMM Day on 5 July. Dr Jaclyn Pearson is one of a number of Hudson Institute researchers who are attending and also has the honour of being an event speaker.…  Read more

    Dr Pearson with and iBlot2 - an instrument that transfers proteins to a membrane so they can be detected using using antibodies.
  • Door to science opened for nine young women

    Nine young women from secondary colleges in Melbourne’s southeast participated in a two-week immersive program at Hudson Institute that was funded as part of a concerted effort by the federal government to increase the number of women in science.…  Read more

    The 2019 Hudson Institute Young Women in Science program attendees with Prof Hartland
  • 2019 Glen Eira’s Young Citizen of the Year

    Mary Mansilla, PhD student in the Centre for Reproductive Health, was nominated and shortlisted for the 2019 Glen Eira Young Citizen of the Year Award for her extensive youth mental health advocacy with headspace.…  Read more

  • Melbourne Inflammation Symposium

    More than 120 medical research scientists in the field of inflammation converged at Hudson Institute of Medical Research today to share knowledge and find solutions for patients across a broad range of diseases.…  Read more

    Photo of Husdson Institute CiiiD team.
  • Giving little lungs a fighting chance

    For every 4000 babies born, one baby will be born with lungs so underdeveloped that they will die soon after birth, or, if they survive, they will face lifelong neurological and respiratory problems.…  Read more

    Photo of Fetal and Neonatal Health PhD student Aidan Kashyap