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  • Science students become immunologists for a day at Hudson Institute of Medical Research

    …to preventing, diagnosing and treating infections, cancer and inflammatory diseases including diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimers. International Day of Immunology has been celebrated worldwide since 2007, and in Victoria since……  Read more

  • Fetal growth restriction alters brain structure in the womb

    …FGR. Risk factors for Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR) Maternal factors | High blood pressure, smoking, alcohol or drug intake, malnutrition or disease (kidney/diabetes/heart/respiratory/infection). Uterine/placental factors | Decreased blood flow in……  Read more

    Associate Professor Suzanne Miller and Dr Tamara Yawno
  • Double trouble for tumour cells

    …may also have wider applications for other conditions in which cells are in a ‘stressful’ environment, such as bacterial and viral infections, and arthritis and type 2 diabetes. Team |……  Read more

    Dr Kate Lawlor from the Cell Death and Inflammatory Signalling Research Group at Hudson Institute is targeting tumour cells.
  • Innovative clinical guide to help babies born with DSD

    …The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, by Hudson Institute researchers Professor Vincent Harley and co-workers, Dr Nayla Leon and Dr Alejandra Reyes, contributes a new clinical guide to assist with these……  Read more

    Dr Nayla Leon and Dr Alejandra Reyes have contributed to a new clinical guide to assist with Differences in sex development (DSDs).
  • Change in sleep position could help preterm babies

    …babies in their first week of life. The outcomes from the trial may inform clinicians when deciding on techniques to protect the preterm brain. Collaborators | Baker Heart and Diabetes…  Read more

    Associate Professor Flora Wong