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lab-picGenetic differences between the male and female brain may hold the key to understanding gender prevalence of neurological disorders. The Brain and Gender group uses a combination of biochemical, molecular genetic, anatomical, and behavioural approaches to investigate the underlying mechanisms that contribute to brain sex differences and sex bias in the prevalence and progression of brain diseases.



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Selected publications

  • Czech DP*, Lee J*, Correia J, Loke H, Möller E, Harley VR (2014) Transient neuroprotection by SRY up-regulation in dopamine cells following injury in males. Endocrinology [Epub] PMID: 24708242 (joint first author).

  • Lee J, Harley V (2012) The male fight-flight response: A result of SRY regulation of catecholamines? Bioessays 34(6):545-7.

  • Czech DP, Lee J, Sim H, Parish CL, Vilain E, Harley VR (2012) The human testis determining factor SRY localizes in the substantia nigra and regulates multiple components of dopamine synthesis and metabolism. Journal of Neurochemistry 122(2):260-271.

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