Genetics and Molecular Pathology

The Genetics and Molecular Pathology research group is interested in the genetic and epigenetic basis for cancer and in the translation of cancer biomarkers for clinical-grade testing.

Current Research

The research activities of the group are focused on two areas:

The AIMBrain project is co-funded by Cancer Australia and the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and seeks to develop a diagnostic platform for paediatric brain tumours based on whole genome methylation profiling. Once implemented, this platform is predicted to revolutionise the diagnosis of paediatric brain tumours by providing an exquisitely precise diagnosis of the tumour sub-type. This is important for the future application of precision medicine in the more than 80 different sub-types that these tumours are now known to fall into.

Other research is focused on the development and clinical translation of next generation sequencing cancer gene panels for paediatric and adult tumours. This work is being done with support from the Children’s Cancer Foundation as part of the Hudson Monash Paediatric Precision Medicine Program, Cancer Australia, Robert Connor Dawes Foundation and Monash Pathology. Implementation of these gene panels for clinical testing will potentially have significant benefits for patients with cancer in identifying actionable mutations that are targetable by existing therapies, and ensuring that patients with potentially actionable mutations can be fast-tracked into clinical trials testing novel therapeutic agents.

Group members

Assoc/Prof Elizabeth Algar PhD, FFSc RCPA
Dr Christine White PhD

Co-supervised PhD students

Dr Sara Khan
Wai Chin Chong

Research Assistant


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