Dr Dhanya Sooraj

Dr Dhanya Sooraj is a postdoctoral scientist in the Cancer Genetics and Functional Genomics laboratory and a member of the Hudson Monash Paediatric Precision Medicine Program team.

After completing her PhD with Professor Bryan Williams, Dr Sooraj joined the Cancer and Functional Genomics group led by A/Prof Ron Firestein, where she is currently exploring the therapeutic benefit of targeting mediator kinase in colorectal cancer utilising various clinically relevant in vitro and in vivo tumour models such as organoids, cell lines and xenografts.

In her role with the Hudson Monash Paediatric Precision Medicine Program, she is co-investigating new therapeutic targets utilising individual patient tumour cells, to identify personalised cancer therapies for patients with rare and genetically unique paediatric brain cancers.

Selected publications

  • Dannappel MV, Sooraj D, Loh JJ, Firestein R (2019) Molecular and in vivo Functions of the CDK8 and CDK19 Kinase Modules. Front Cell Dev Biol 6:171.

  • Sooraj D, Xu D, Cain JE, Gold DP, Williams BRG (2016) Activating Transcription Factor 3 Expression as a Marker of Response to the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Pracinostat. Mol Cancer Ther 15:1726 – 1739.

  • Conway T, Wazny J, Bromage A, Tymms M, Sooraj D, Williams ED, Beresford-Smith B (2012) Xenome – a tool for classifying reads from xenograft samples. Bioinformatics, 28:i172-178.

  • Coso S, Zeng Y, Sooraj D, Williams ED (2011) Conserved signaling through vascular endothelial growth (VEGF) receptor family members in murine lymphatic endothelial cells. Exp Cell Res 317:2397-2407.