Hui (Claire) Shi, Children's Cancer Foundation PhD Student

Claire Shi completed her Master’s Degree, majoring in Pharmacology, in Harbin Medical University, China, in 2012.  After this, she worked in the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, China, as a Pharmacist. In 2016, Claire was given the opportunity to join in a clinical pharmacist training program in Zhongshan Hospital (one of the affiliated hospitals of Fudan University in Shanghai) and she joined the oncology branch of the program.

During Claire’s role at Zhongshan Hospital, she found that although chemotherapy and targeting therapy extended the overall survival/progression-free survival of some cancer patients, there were still a number of poor clinical outcomes. It is Claire’s hope that precision medicine can improve treatment and outcomes for cancer patients and help update clinical guidelines.

Commencing her PhD in mid-2018, Claire looks forward to building on her experience as a pharmacist as she moves into the area of translational medicine.  Claire is grateful for the generous funding of her studies by the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Selected publications

  • Chu W, Li X, Li C, Wan L, Shi H, Song X, Liu X, Chen X, Zhang C, Shan H, Lu Y, Yang B (2011) TGFBR3, a potential negative regulator of TGF-β signaling, protects cardiac fibroblasts from hypoxia-induced apoptosis. J Cell Physiol 226:2586-2594.

  • Wang L, Li X, Zhou Y, Shi H, Xu C, He H, Wang S, Xiong X, Zhang Y, Du Z, Zhang R, Lu Y, Yang B, Shan H (2014) Downregulation of miR-133 via MAPK/ERK signaling pathway involved in nicotine-induced cardiomyocyte apoptosis. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol 387:197-206.