Dr Joseph Kang, BSc MSc PhD

Within the Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers research group, Dr Kang is developing a novel assay called the Active Ratio Test (ART) to measure CXCL10, a key effector of early immune responses. The Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers group has identified the presence of an inactive, immunosuppressive form of CXCL10 in epithelial ovarian cancer at the early stage. This suggests that measurement of antagonist CXCL10 in epithelial ovarian cancer patients will have diagnostic and prognostic benefit, particularly for those patients with early or pre-clinical disease.

Dr Kang is currently optimising and validating ART for use in a range of bio-banked patient samples to differentiate between patients with high grade epithelial ovarian cancer and benign disease. He has direct industry experience in assay development, QC, and GMP processes which are necessary to bring this assay into clinical development.