Dr Niamh Mangan, Fielding Foundation Fellow

Dr Niamh Mangan is a research scientist and emerging expert in immunology of infections and inflammation. After completing her PhD at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland under the supervision of Professor Padraic Fallon, Dr Mangan travelled to Australia where she undertook postdoctoral training with Professor Paul Hertzog from 2008.

In 2010, Dr Mangan was awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Fellowship, as well as a New Investigator award by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Her research interests lie primarily in understanding cellular mechanisms of modulation and suppression of the immune response in infections and inflammation. Her current research examines the role of interferon, cytokine and receptor signalling in immune regulation, in particular characterising the novel cytokine interferon epsilon (IFNε) in the regulation of mucosal immune responses.

Dr Mangan was the Chair of the Hudson Institute Early Career Researcher Committee and has sat on conference-organising committees for the Victorian Infection and Immunity Network (2015) and Cytokines 2014, a major international conference. She has served on numerous other committees in the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, including the Monash Animal Ethics Committee (2011-2014).

Selected publications

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