Quinton Luong


PhD student

Research Group:

STAT Cancer Biology

Research Centre:

Centre for Cancer Research

Area of study:

Small cell lung cancer


Year of enrolment:


What is your research about and what do you hope to achieve?

Small cell lung cancer is a highly malignant endocrine tumour and comprises 15 per cent of all lung cancer patients. The current standard of care is platinum based chemotherapy. However, almost all patients will rapidly relapse for which there is no effective treatment. This results in a dismal overall survival rate of less than 5 per cent. My research project aims to identify and understand the mechanisms that drive platinum resistance in small cell lung cancer.

What is it like being a student at Hudson Institute?

Being a student at Hudson Institute has been a never-ending roller coaster of fun! My peers are lovely to work with, my supervisors Daniel Gough and Jake Shortt have been very encouraging, and overall everybody here is very kind and friendly. The Hudson Institute Student Society (HISS) also organises really fun events such as parties, dinners, competitions and other exciting activities all throughout the year.

How will your research help others?

Understanding the mechanisms of platinum based chemotherapy resistance in small cell lung cancer may uncover ways to prevent resistance in patients. My research aims to identify new drug targets to overcome platinum resistance in small cell lung cancer, for which no new effective therapies have been identified for the past three decades.