Dr Wai Chin Chong is a Postdoctoral Scientist for the Developmental and Cancer Biology lab and the Hudson Monash Paediatric Precision Medicine Program. After completing his PhD with Dr Jason Cain at Monash University in late 2021, Dr Chong is expanding his doctoral studies in paediatric brain cancer and lung adenocarcinoma. These studies focus on identifying and testing new or alternative targeted therapies utilising cutting edge molecular techniques and next-generation sequencing to explore, analyse and validate gene regulatory elements involved in tumorigenesis, either at the genetic or epigenetic level in clinically relevant in vitro and in-vivo cancer models. Dr Chong aims to decode the genetic and epigenetic modifications that regulate gene expression and underlying disease, to further understand tumourigenesis within solid tumours.

Selected publications

  • Chong WC, Jayasekara WSN, Vaghjiani VG, Parackal S, Sun C, Popovski D, Algar EM, Firestein R, Wood PJ, Khan S, Huang A, Ashley DM, Downie P, Cain JE (2021) Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumours Are Susceptible to Panobinostat-Mediated Differentiation Therapy. Cancers (Basel) 13:5145.

  • Chong WC, Cain JE (2020) Lessons learned from the developmental origins of childhood renal cancer. Anat Rec (Hoboken) 303:2561-2577.