An inspiring donation

From Mr Peter Fielding, Chairman, Fielding Foundation

Mr Peter Fielding and Hudson Institute CEO, Professor Bryan Williams

Through the Fielding Foundation, I have supported Hudson Institute and its work for many years. In 2014 we decided to cement that commitment by making a real and lasting contribution.

The Fielding Foundation has pledged $1 million over five years to support Hudson Institute’s areas of greatest need – research innovation and supporting bright young researchers, through the establishment of the Fielding Foundation Innovation Award and Fellowship.

Due to funding gaps, many young medical researchers will exit the profession altogether, often leaving their research projects, and potential as a scientist, unfulfilled.

The Fielding Foundation Fellowship acts to stem this flow, by setting young scientists on the path to success and discovery at a time in their careers when they need it most.

Meanwhile, the Fielding Innovation Award supports the commercialisation of medical research, to help ensure the discoveries are translated from the lab into patient treatments.

As a donor, I see no greater cause to direct funds to improving the health and well-being of the community. Health affects us all. It is the one critical need we all share and sadly, disease and injury will affect either us or someone we love in our lifetime.

By creating a personal, two-way relationship with the Institute, we are able to share what matters to our Foundation.

Coming from a background in business, I recognise the importance of commercialisation and agree that the success of the Hudson Institute will depend on how well its researchers can connect their innovative ideas with companies to generate additional funding.

We are very proud to have our contribution reflect areas we feel passionate about. The Hudson Institute is an outstanding organisation and one with which the Fielding Foundation feels honoured and proud to be associated.

Peter Fielding
Fielding Foundation