Treatment type: Microbiome medicine

  • Babies’ gut bacteria affected by delivery method

    Research has shown babies born vaginally have different gut bacteria (microbiome) than those delivered by caesarean.…  Read more

    Dr Sam Forster from the Microbiota and Systems Biology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • More than 100 new gut bacteria discovered in human microbiome

    Scientists working on the gut microbiome have discovered and isolated more than 100 completely new species of bacteria from healthy people’s intestines. The discovery will support the development of new diagnostics and treatments for diseases such as gastrointestinal disorders, infections and immune conditions. The study from the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University,…  Read more

    Sam Forster and Gemma D'Adamo and Tam holding up petri dishes conducting research at Hudson Institute
  • NHMRC Fellowship success

    Hudson Institute has had outstanding success in the recent National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Fellowship and Development Grant announcements.…  Read more

    Associate Professor Rebecca Lim, 2017 NHMRC Grant success
  • ‘Bugs as drugs’: Harnessing novel gut bacteria for human health

    Researchers are optimistic that a recent breakthrough allowing growth of the majority of human gut bacteria in the lab will lead to the development of new therapies to replace the use of faecal transplants in treating certain gut infections. Scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK, including Dr Samuel Forster, an NHMRC…  Read more

    Dr Sam Forster, 2017 NHMRC Grant success