Treatment type: Precision medicine

  • Gender clues unlocked in hormone-related high blood pressure

    Hudson Institute scientists have found that a hormone that can cause high blood pressure has been found to behave differently in young men and women, possibly paving the way for more targeted diagnosis and treatment.…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang from the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Pancreatic cancer funding boost

    Congratulations to Professor Brendan Jenkins and his team, who have been awarded $288,536 from Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) to fund research into pancreatic cancer.…  Read more

    Professor Brendan Jenkins from the Cancer and Immune Signalling Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Bone cancer research funded

    Bone cancer treatments will be progressed thanks to the Victorian Cancer Agency Early Career Fellowship, which has been awarded to Dr Vijesh Vaghjiani, Postdoctoral Scientist, Developmental and Cancer Biology Research group.…  Read more

    Dr Vijesh Vaghjiani, Postdoctoral Scientist, Developmental and Cancer Biology Research group at Hudson Institute
  • The Hon Jaala Pulford visits Hudson Institute

    Hudson Institute was honoured to welcome the Hon Jaala Pulford, Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and the Digital Economy to the Institute, the site of the proposed National Centre for Inflammation Research (NCIR).…  Read more

    Willow O'Brien
  • NHMRC Ideas Grants success

    Hudson Institute has been successful in the NHMRC Ideas Grant round. Our researchers have been awarded four NHMRC Ideas Grants, totalling almost $4.1 million.…  Read more

    Sam, Paul, Ed and Vince, Hudson Institute's successful NHMRC Ideas Grants recipients
  • Helping preterm babies avoid brain damage

    High-tech images have revealed for the first time that preterm babies on ventilators could be at risk of brain injury, leading to calls for caution during treatment.…  Read more

    Associate Professor Flora Wong from the Neonatal Brian Protection Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Necrotising enterocolitis treatment closer

    Melbourne researchers have published a breakthrough study that will accelerate new treatments for an often-fatal disease affecting premature babies in intensive care, called necrotising enterocolitis (NEC).…  Read more

    Associate Professor Claudia Nold and Professor Marcel Nold, Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • ARC Discovery Projects success

    Hudson Institute researchers have been awarded more than $2 million from the Australian Research Council Discovery Projects Grant round.…  Read more

    Prof Richard Ferrero, A/prof Patrick Western, Dr Nicole de Weerd and Dr Sam Forster, successful ARCH Discovery Projects 2020
  • Cord clamping and CPR discovery could change practice

    Newborn babies who need resuscitating at birth could benefit from CPR while their umbilical cord is still attached, according to new research.…  Read more

    Associate Professor Graeme Polglase, Research Group Head, Perinatal Transition Research Group at Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • Dr Jun Yang and primary aldosteronism profiled

    After watching her father struggle to battle hypertension — or high blood pressure — for decades, Dr Jun Yang ran some tests and was able to find one targeted treatment that successfully lowered his blood pressure to a healthy level for the first time.…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang standing with her father in a park