Welcome Hudson Institute Foundation

Welcome to the Hudson Institute Foundation

The Hudson Institute Foundation is dedicated to supporting the expansion of scientific research excellence at the Hudson Institute.

kristy-brown-CCRWe do this by raising funds to ensure the Hudson’s eminent scientists and clinicians have the resources necessary to remain at the forefront of scientific discovery and translational medical research, where they take novel discoveries from the laboratory and clinical trials directly to patients to ensure better health outcomes.

Hudson Institute is globally renowned for its ground-breaking research into reproductive and baby health and is a leading centre for research into infection and innate immunity, now closely tied to the latest new developments for cancer treatment.

It is one of the largest and most highly respected medical research institutes in Australia and the result of a merger in 2014 of two of this country’s most accomplished and trusted names in independent medical research; Monash Institute of Medical Research and Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research.

Combined, it has 75 years of research excellence. Its discoveries include the development of current IVF technology, changes in practices for the prevention of SIDS and discovery of the hormone Inhibin, which enabled diagnostic tests for Downs Syndrome and some ovarian cancers.

It is also home to 450 world-leading scientists and post graduate students dedicated to advancing disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Read about the Hudson Institute’s latest cutting-edge research here.

Please join with us to support their pioneering scientific discoveries.  

Great scientific discoveries that benefit humanity are only possible because of the generosity and foresight of people like you.

Please donate now. All donations are tax deductible in Australia.

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