Neurodevelopment and Neuroprotection

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Neurodevelopment and Neuroprotection

Research Group Head: Dr Suzie Miller

The Neurodevelopment and Neuroprotection group is embedded within the Fetal and Neonatal Health Neurodevelopment and Brain Injury Theme of The Ritchie Centre, and is closely affiliated with the Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Theme led by Professor Graham Jenkin. The group provides a focus for experimental and clinical studies directed towards understanding, and inhibiting, the mechanisms that contribute to perinatal brain injury and functional deficits associated with cerebral palsy. We strive towards the implementation of treatments to decrease neonatal brain injury and that can be effectively administered either during pregnancy or in the neonatal period. Such treatments include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and stem cells obtained from the cord blood and placenta.

Suzie’s group comprises more than 20 members with experts in fetal physiology, neuroscience, stem cells, cardiovascular physiology, clinical obstetrics, neonatology and paediatrics. This group provides a highly-regarded training platform for biomedical and clinical students.

Current Projects:

  • Stem cells to reduce perinatal brain injury – fact or fiction?
  • Protecting the intrauterine growth restricted (IUGR) fetal brain with natural neurosteroids.
  • Treating neonatal seizures with ganaxolone
  • Can we modify neurovascular development in the IUGR brain with endothelial progenitor stem cells derived from cord blood?
  • Umbilical cord blood stem cells to improve brain structure and function after severe birth asphyxia, when to administer and how many?
  • Improving newborn wellbeing in a rural Indian community with a simple transdermal patch.


Research Group Members:

Dr Suzie Miller (Head, Neurodevelopment and Neuroprotection)

Senior Scientists and Post Docs:

Abhilasha Tiwari
Amy Sutherland
Beth Allison
Christopher Siatskas
Courtney McDonald
Suzanne Miller
David Oehme
Graham Jenkin
Tamara Yawno
Margie Castillo-Melendez
Michael Fahey


Atul Malhotra
James Aridas
Jingang Li
Nicole Alers
Vijay Kumar

Group Members:

Ilias Nitsos
Jan Loose
Lakshmi Prasanna Nekkanti
Madison Paton
Nicole Bleasdale
Rosie Rose
Yen Pham