Why study at Hudson Institute?

115_Students-Kim, Harriet, Paulo, Mohamed, Zoe, Mikee_20160815Give your career the ultimate head start and take your place at the cutting-edge of biomedical science at Hudson Institute, the choice for tomorrow’s research leaders.

Our learning environment fosters excellence and innovation to help students develop the confidence and tools to succeed. Under one-on-one supervision and mentorship of international scientific leaders, our students have access to state-of-the-art resources and technology platforms and development opportunities including workshops, seminars and national and international conference opportunities.

Our students are predominantly enrolled through our on-site partner, the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, part of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.

Hudson Institute students join a specialist Research Group in one of our five Research Centres, working on a research project focused on tackling Australia’s biggest health challenges across cancer, inflammation and reproduction and development.

Hudson Institute postgraduate students play an important role in our success, both here in Australia and on the global stage. We are there, every step of the way, to guide and challenge our students and celebrate their success.

Our location, in the purpose-built Translational Research Facility (TRF) at the heart of the Monash Health Precinct, is unique in Australia.

The TRF co-locates clinicians and researchers with a Clinical Trials Centre to ensure discoveries  seamlessly transfer into clinical trials and patient care.

Clinical Trials

The eight bed, 21 chair Clinical Trials Centre within the TRF is directly linked by a walk-through bridge to Monash Health. This proximity ensures our research is focused on the most pressing patient needs, and supports the movement of our discoveries from initial Phase 1 testing through to Phase 4 primary health trials.

State of the art Technology Platforms

Our investment in nine world-leading Technology Platforms is a game-changer for progress in medical research. Strategically loc103_Students-Kim, Harriet, Paulo, Mohamed, Zoe, Mikee_20160815ated on a central floor of the TRF, they provide students access to advanced research methods and equipment.  Using Technology Platforms students develop skills in a range of sophisticated approaches to gene targeting, genomic, proteomic and high-content analysis of cell and animal biology, as well as advanced stem cell technologies, embryo microinjection gene arrays, laser capture micro-dissection, confocal microscopy and cell imaging.

Career development

The ability to sell and present research persuasively and effectively to a wide audience sets Hudson Institute students apart as research leaders. Students develop these skills at weekly and special seminars, an annual student symposium and Centre journal clubs, as well as national and international scientific meetings and conferences. This is a core part of the conditions of candidature.

Hudson Institute Student Society

Hudson Institute is not all about work.  Our students get involved with institute life and social events, and join a wide range of student social events organised by the Hudson Institute and Student Society. 2020 HISS COMMITTEE