Student vacation placement

Hudson Institute’s student vacation placement program is designed to give undergraduate and Honour students experience in an area of research and an insight into future career opportunities, while receiving support from a scholarship payment.

The placement is about six-eight weeks, the exact length can be negotiated between the student and their supervisor. Applicants nominate one of three available intake start dates between November and January. The placements are not intended to support the employment of students for routine work.


The scheme is open to University undergraduates who have completed at least two years of their course at the time the placement commences. Undergraduates who have completed their final year and students currently finishing an Honours year will be eligible only if they can demonstrate plans to undertake further study the following year. Before applying, students should contact a supervisor and receive written acceptance to join their laboratory.


Vacation scholars are paid a tax-free stipend of $300 per week (paid over two instalments) for the agreed tenure, which must be for at least six weeks and up to a maximum of eight weeks (excluding holidays and the Hudson Institute Christmas close-down period). The first instalment of $600 is made approximately two weeks following the completion of induction processes. The second instalment of $1,200 is made following submission of a Vacation Student Completion Report.

2018/2019 Intakes and Deadlines

PLEASE NOTE | Applications for the 2018/2019 program are now closed – information for the 2019/2020 program will be released in September 2019.

Application process – how to apply

  1. Choose a project. The Student Research Project Booklets 2019 outline current research projects including project supervisors contact information.
  2. Contact the project leader / supervisor.
  3. Get approval from the supervisor to join the laboratory by asking them to complete the online Approval Form. (Funded positions are limited. Volunteer positions are also offered).
  4. Choose an intake date with your supervisor and apply by the closing date (listed above).
  5. Complete the Online Application Form, including an academic transcript. A web print out of the academic transcript is suitable.

Students currently completing a final undergraduate year or currently finishing an Honours year also need to provide evidence of plans to undertake further study. This may include

  • Copy of Honours or PhD University Application, or
  • Letter of Offer from University, or
  • University Confirmation of Enrolment, or
  • Statement/Letter of support from University Department Head.

Applications should be submitted by the closing date of the applicant’s chosen intake.

Completion report

Each placement student must prepare a brief online report of the work undertaken during their placement within two weeks of completion of the project. The final scholarship payment cannot be made until this report has been submitted along with other completion paperwork. The report is available here.

Contact us

Dr Mai Sarraj – Research Manager and Grants Officer
Shaunagh McHugh – Research Office Administrator
Hudson Research Office
t: +61 3 8572 2529