Student Association

The Hudson Institute Student Society (HISS) represents all research students at Hudson Institute of Medical Research and the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health (Monash University).

HISS helps students working in research groups across our Precinct come together to share ideas, network and support each other academically and socially. HISS facilitates stronger relationships by organising regular social events, competitions and conferences including

  • Student retreat
  • 3MT competition
  • MHTP Research Week Symposium
  • Xmas in July
  • Monthly dumplings night
  • Escape room
  • Trivia night
  • Movie night
  • Netball team

Meet the HISS committee

President | Ingrid Dudink
Vice President | Wai Chin Chong, Mulugeta Birhanu
Secretary | 
Annie CoxAndrew Stainsby
ECR Representative | Manizha Shekibi
CCR Representative | Amelia Matthews
CiiiD Representative | Tomalika UllahGemma D’AdamoVik Ven (Vivien) Eng
CEM Representative | Zhenhua Ming, Abby Choo and Monica Kanki
CRH Representative | Ellen JarredRuby Oberin
TRC Representative | Madeline NicolaCourtney BarberMichael Tanner
SCS Representative | 
Kaitlin Day, Morgan Perry

If you’re a Honours, Masters or PhD student and want to be part of the our community, send us an email and join the crew.