Dr Rebecca Lim


Dr Rebecca Lim was awarded her PhD from the University of Western Australia. She currently leads a dynamic research group at The Ritchie Centre, where she is mentored by and works closely with Professor Euan Wallace AM. Dr Lim is presently a Chief Investigator on four NHMRC project grants. She is also an investigator on two clinical trials at Monash Health.

The core research of Dr Lim’s laboratory is in the area of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. Her research team is focused on uncovering the regenerative potential of amnion derived stem-like cells while concurrently pursuing clinical translation of her findings. In recent years, her team has uncovered key immunological events that are critical to the success of amnion cell mediated lung repair in the settings of adult and neonatal lung disease. More recently her team has shown that amnion cells trigger endogenous repair processes by activating the adult stem cell niche and recruiting distal progenitor sites to the area of injury. She collaborates widely and looks to apply amnion cells across a variety of acute and chronic conditions in an effort to understand their potential and limitations.

Selected publications

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