International agreement to take cancer biology research to the fore

Hudson Institute has entered into an international collaborative research agreement with Ariel University (Israel) and ASCI Pharma Pty Ltd on a cancer biology project designed to translate its discoveries into patient treatments.

The partnership combines the expertise and resources of three partners including:

• Hudson Institute of Medical Research (Melbourne): Specialist understanding of cancer, both clinical and basic, and technological expertise.
• Ariel University (Israel): Expertise in peptide discovery screening.
• ASCI Pharma Pty Ltd (Melbourne): Provision of research funding and leading the commercialisation activities.

Mr Rob Merriel, Chief Financial Officer

Hudson Chief Financial Officer, Rob Merriel said the agreement with Ariel University and ASCI Pharma Pty Ltd, demonstrates Hudson Institute’s strong focus on commercial and scientific partnerships that propel basic research discoveries into tangible patient treatments.

“Hudson is an attractive partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we have world leading expertise in cancer biology and ‘gold standard’ laboratory tools and resources to test potential drug candidates,” Mr Merriel said.

“Ariel University complements the Hudson Institute’s capabilities, injecting a screening capability not available in Australia. The collaboration is in a unique position to identify new therapeutic candidates that address major unmet clinical needs and create a commercially attractive proposition.”

“With decreasing funding from traditional sources like the NHMRC, we are expanding our options, seeking alternative research sponsors. ASCI Pharma recognise the commercial opportunity and have committed to fund the research for the next three years.” Mr Merriel said.

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