Jennifer Hutchison

Jennifer Hutchison


PhD student

Research Group

Endometrial Infertility

Area of study

Embryo adhesion


Year of enrolment


Why did you choose Hudson Institute and your research group?

I spoke to Dr Evans previously about doing a research project with her for my honours year and was excited by the ideas she had for future research. Completing my Honours degree in Wellington, New Zealand, I realised my research interests aligned with the ideas that Dr Evans and I had discussed, and moving to Melbourne to begin a PhD at Hudson Institute felt like the right move. I was keen to work in a medical research facility linked to a hospital, as it offers more opportunities for clinical and translational research.

What is your research about and what do you hope to achieve?

Understanding how the embryo ‘sticks’ or adheres to the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, and gaining knowledge of disorders which may affect embryo adhesion is critical in combating infertility, which affects one in six couples. I am specifically examining factors within the uterine cavity of obese women, who have a higher incidence of infertility and recurrent pregnancy, which may negatively impact how the embryo implants into the endometrium. We hope that by ‘normalising’ the alterations within the obese uterine environment we may be able to improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes for these women.

What is it like being a student at Hudson Institute?

Hudson Institute has a wide variety of research areas, and it is great to be able to talk to researchers about their areas of expertise. The working environment is really supportive, which makes being a student here a great experience.