Melissa Loi from the Cancer Genetics and Functional Genomics Research Group at Hudson Institute

Melissa Loi, Children's Cancer Foundation Technical Sequencing Specialist

    Melissa Loi is the Technical Sequencing Specialist for the Hudson Monash Paediatric Precision Medicine Program (HMPPM Program).

    Melissa’s role involves using molecular methods to assist in generating an encyclopaedia of genomic profiles for childhood brain tumours.  Her main project focuses on preparing samples with biomechanical techniques for next generation sequencing in order to analyse and discern gene regulatory elements.

    Utilising established in vitro models of brain cancer, Melissa aims to assist in decoding the epigenetics modifications that regulate gene expression, underlying disease, in order to further understand brain tumourigenesis in the paediatric population.

    Melissa completed her Bachelor in Biotechnology and Honours in Nanotechnology from the University of South Australia. Prior to joining the HMPPM Program, Melissa was a medical scientist in commercial laboratories, including pathology and quality control.