Hudson Institute is a leading Australian medical research institute recognised internationally for discovery science and translational research. We are research leaders in four areas of medical need

Inflammation – exploring how our body responds to infection and tissue damage with inflammation, and using this knowledge to fight infectious diseases, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Reproductive health and pregnancy – addressing the challenges of infertility and complications during pregnancy, and progressing women’s health.

Infant and child health – protecting vulnerable newborns from complications during birth, in the critical early weeks of life and exploring better treatments for childhood diseases.

Cancer – investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms that lead to the development of cancer and how these insights may be used to better diagnose, detect and treat malignancies.

Our institute is home to more than 470 world-class scientists who push the boundaries of scientific knowledge to answer complex questions about human disease, including prevention and treatment.

We are a founding member of the Monash Health Translation Precinct with partners  Monash Health (Victoria’s largest healthcare network) and Monash University (Australia’s largest university). Our close ties with clinicians and industry give us the ability to translate our discoveries into new preventative approaches, therapies and devices for patients.

Working alongside clinicians in Melbourne hospitals for more than 50 years, Hudson Institute scientists pioneered IVF and stem cell discoveries and are now leading developments in cell therapies, paediatric cancer and the human microbiome. Our worldwide scientific and medical collaborations provide a foundation for transformative healthcare programs across the globe.

Translational research leader

Translational research requires the combined skills of scientists and clinicians to take laboratory discoveries through to clinical application, harnessing both scientific and clinical expertise to produce new drugs, devices or treatments that will improve the lives of patients.

Hudson Institute’s medical research programs span discovery and translational research and clinical trials. We progress scientific knowledge into new and innovative treatments and cures.

Our integrated research teams of clinicians and academic researchers engage in a culture of collaboration and innovation in a purpose-built translational research facility equipped with cutting- edge technologies and a clinical trials centre. A link-bridge directly connects the facility with Monash Health, serving as a crucial connector between scientists, clinicians and patients.

Clinical experience informs our research programs based on patient need, and our close ties with medical staff and industry support the translation of our discoveries into new preventative approaches, therapies and devices for patients.

Graduate education

More than 180 Honours, Masters and PhD students work alongside our senior researchers and their teams, contributing to projects at the Institute and publishing their own work in prestigious scientific journals. As productive members of world-class research groups, our students develop confidence and excellent skills, while the larger, open structure of collaboration between our laboratories supports expanded thinking to pursue their discoveries and publish innovative work.

Our students are predominantly enrolled through our on-site partner, the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, part of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.

Our history – 75 years leading discovery

Two of Australia’s most trusted names in medical research, Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research and Monash Institute of Medical Research, merged in 2014 to form Hudson Institute of Medical Research. Combined, we have more than 75 years’ experience in research discoveries to Australia and beyond.

Our institute is named after Professor Bryan Hudson, the Founding Director of Prince Henry’s Institute and Founding Chair of the Department of Medicine at Monash University.

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