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  • Helping women with endometriosis

    Some scientific discoveries have the power to prevent years of pain and suffering. Professor Caroline Gargett and her team are within reach of making that dream a reality for millions of women.…  Read more

    Professor Caroline Gargett Dr Caitlin Filby and endometriosis patient Nicole Fernley at Hudson Institute
  • Flu season 2022 – what you need to know

    After two years of unusually low influenza infections due to social distancing, flu season 2022 is shaping up as a bad one for Australia. Influenza expert, Associate Professor Michelle Tate, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about flu and what we can expect in Australia this winter.…  Read more

    Associate Professor Michelle Tate from the Viral Immunity and Immunopathology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Pelvic organ prolapse prevention and cure

    They say prevention is better than cure, but when it comes to pelvic organ prolapse, the specialists at Hudson Institute of Medical Research are taking them equally seriously.…  Read more

    Hudson Institute researchers, Dr Kallyanashis Paul and Dr Shayanti Mukherjee, developing a new cell therapy treatment for pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Finding a cause of high blood pressure

    After watching her father struggle with hypertension (high blood pressure) for decades, endocrinologist Dr Jun Yang found he had a hormonal condition called primary aldosteronism (PA).…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang and her father Lisheng Yang at Hudson Institute
  • 2022 Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowships

    Congratulations to the 2022 recipients of the Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowships, to the Bryan Williams Traineeship Award, and Hudson Institute Travel Awards.…  Read more

    Congratulations to the awardees of our 2022 Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowships, Bryan Williams Traineeship Award and Hudson Institute Travel Awards
  • Filling the gaps in immune system cancer research

    New light has been shone on the role of specific protein components of the immune system in both causing and preventing cancer.…  Read more

    Professor Brendan Jenkins discovers the role of the immune system in causing and preventing cancer.
  • Hudson News Winter 2022

    Welcome to Hudson News Winter 2022. As I write this, Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we look forward to celebrating and honouring our mothers as well as motherhood in all its forms.…  Read more

    Professor Elizabeth Hartland
  • Kirstin’s stillbirth story 

    At the age of 20, on a gap year from her Bachelor of Science studies, Kirstin Tindal unexpectedly became pregnant. …  Read more

    Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck and PhD student Kirstin Tindal at Hudson Institute turning an experience of stillbirth into a life's work.
  • Professor Caroline Gargett – women’s health

    Whether it’s working to help women living with the crippling effects of pelvic organ prolapse (POP), end the pain of endometriosis, or even developing new methods of vaginal reconstruction, Professor Gargett is at the forefront.…  Read more

    Professor Caroline Gargett's research is helping women live with the crippling effects of pelvic organ prolapse (POP).
  • Dr Caitlin Filby – endometriosis detection

    The ultimate goal of this research is to find a safe, reliable and early method of detection that avoids the need for surgery.…  Read more

    Dr Caitlin Filby, tackling endometriosis on two fronts.